2009 – Onwards and Upwards

As we move towards the end of 2008, Pluto finally settles in Capricorn. He will remain there until 2024, and as the catalyst of change, he will guide us through some dark years and times ahead.

On the 31st December, Saturn moves retrograde until May 2009. This period sees us becoming our own inner fathers – guiding, protecting and inspiring ourselves. Taking full responsibility for our lives is a difficult challenge for many, but it is only by doing this that we can truly take a step closer towards enlightenment.

The beginning of 2009 sees a huge build up of energy in Capricorn and Aquarius. And this marks a time for us to step into the unknown, following our paths to be the individuals we know we can be.As our inner worlds become more tranquil and abundant, the external world will see more turbulence and upheaval.

Through standing in our Truths and being at one with ourselves and the Divine, we will stand firm through this upheaval, like buoys holding fast in a stormy sea. These challenges are not yet at our doorsteps though, and whilst we would be wise to prepare, there is plenty of time for love, laughter, light and expansion.

2009 looks set to be a year of discovery, freedom, abundance, enlightenment and joy. It is a year to follow our dreams, to let go of everything that is inessential or unnecessary. It is a year to focus, to be motivated and to allow our passion, individuality and energy to shine brightly.