2009 Yearly Forecast


Transformation is your keyword for 2009 – your individuality and uniqueness will be shining brightly, and you will be opening some very interesting doorways of opportunity (if you dare). There is no room for self-doubt though, for 2009 is the time to embrace your potential and to re-ignite the passion and drive within. It is time to follow your dreams.


You need to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight in 2009, as you are on the brink of a wonderful opportunity to finally realise one of your biggest dreams. The key to success is to keep a clear image in your mind’s eye of where you want to be with your life in a year’s time—see it happening, feel it, believe it—the power is yours now.


2009 is all about opportunities. As you step into the new year, you will be stepping into a period of joy, abundance and good fortune. The key to making the most of this is to be clear about your goals and path ahead. Your perspective on the world will begin to change over the coming months, and you will start to see yourself in a whole new light…


2009 looks set to be a year where you are in a very ambitious and enterprising frame of mind. Big ideas, big plans and big dreams are all on your mind, and you have the courage to follow these through to fruition. In addition, a golden opportunity looks set to change your life forever – however you may need to let go of something important as a result…


You are speeding into 2009 on quite a high – you are feeling well motivated, and your energy levels are almost buzzing. This will help you to stride forth expanding your horizons as you go. 2009 is a great year for cultivating new ideas and making new contacts. You will find that all your efforts are well rewarded; just try to keep your feet on the ground.


2009 is a year to believe in yourself and your abilities, to follow new pathways and to explore new opportunities. You have so much to offer and so much to give – and the heavens want you to embrace this, so make the most of this chance to shine and to fulfil your dreams. Don’t be afraid of stepping into the unknown and reaching out into pastures new.


2009 marks a new threshold for you – a time to finally step into your own power and dreams, and to step forth with newfound clarity and courage. This is a year of enterprise and adventure for you, where your dreams can become a reality, and you will finally reap the rewards for your perseverance. Abundance is your keyword in 2009 – bring it on!


Your inner restlessness surfaces this year to help encourage you to explore new horizons and to embark on a journey of a lifetime. This may not mean travel, but possibly an inner or spiritual journey. One thing for sure though, 2009 is the year for you to realise your dreams, and there is an air of excitement and anticipation around you. Enjoy the ride.


Well, you certainly look set to start 2009 on a high – you are full of energy and enthusiasm for life, and you seem to be on something of a roll. Life has stepped up a gear, and you are moving towards your goals at an increased pace, and with a renewed sense of vigour. Believe in yourself and your potential, and stay focused – don’t get distracted.


2009 looks set to be an optimistic and progressive year for you. You have long been underestimating your abilities, preferring instead to hide in the background. But there is now a very creative and positive energy around you that will give you a far more optimistic and enterprising attitude to life – grab this with both hands and finally embrace your true potential.


Inner Power and strength are your keywords for 2009. You will finally begin to realise just how much potential you have, and then see creative ways of using this to make a difference. You have the gift of creative thought combined with a global sense of brother/sister hood, and 2009 is your year to stand up and be counted, and to affirm your beliefs for all to see.


You have been in the chrysalis stage of your development over the past few months, and 2009 will finally allow the butterfly to emerge. And this is no ordinary butterfly – try to imagine the most beautiful butterfly you can, and you will be a little be closer to imagining how special your life will become over the next few months. Joy is your keyword for 2009.