A New Year is Dawning…

Today is the 31st December, and whatever day you may celebrate as the end of the year (winter solstice, all hallows, Chinese New Year etc), with so many millions of people seeing today as the last day of the year, there is a strong energy of endings and beginnings today.

I see today as a day of reflection, a day for contemplation, giving thanks, and a day for healing. It is another time when the psychic superhighway is much quieter; with so many people partying and having fun; it is a good time for distant healing: for the earth and all those who dwell on, in and above her.

Saturn moves into his retrograde phase today, he will remain there until May 2009; now is the time to truly start taking responsibility for our lives. It is time to be accountable for our actions, and we owe it to ourselves (if not each other, and the planet) to embrace our full potential and reach for the stars.

As I have mentioned before, it is a time to make peace, to let go of judgements and to feel the empowerment and freedom of guiding ourselves. Whilst we look set to become much stronger as individuals, this will, maybe a little paradoxically, bring us closer together with each other.

In many ways, the financial and economic outlook for the coming year is bleak, but 2009 looks set to be a year of positive change and abundance. Another paradox? Or simply the fates way of showing us that abundance and prosperity comes in many forms…
Have a wonderful, bright and abundant 2009.