2014 Yearly Forecast

Message for 2014

As the wheels of life continue to turn, spin and rotate, we find ourselves, once again, standing at the edge of a new year. As one year ends, another begins, and just like the day that follows the night that follows the day, we find ourselves at the end of one cycle and at the beginning of another. It is all too easy to feel as though we are in an in-between time as the wheel of the year turns, but these turning points are just as significant, if not more so, than the rest of the year.

It is during the in-between times that we find opportunity to reflect on the path behind us and the path before us; we are able to contemplate our actions, choices and decisions, and change them if so desired. At the same time, we are able to re-connect to the path ahead as we consider what we truly want from life, opening up to the myriad of different possibilities waiting to be discovered. It is also in such moments that we remember to consciously connect to the present moment in order to open up to all that we are, now, in this moment, and such vision helps us to realise just how vibrant and fluid we really are.

It doesn’t take long before the wheels of life start turning again as we find ourselves walking the treadmill, keeping on keeping on, trying to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of life. It is so easy to fall back into this cycle because that’s what we have always done, yet 2014 has a very different resonance to it, as though something has changed. This ‘something’ is hard to define or quantify, but its presence is undeniable; it is as though the energy or vibration has lifted allowing each and every one of us to see life with a clearer perspective and a stronger sense of Self. As a result, the whole resonance of life feels different and lighter as we look towards 2014 with clarity, energy and vibrancy.

Although it is hard to put into words, shape or form, this energetic shift feels hugely significant throughout the year ahead as it opens us up to living authentically, to embracing our divinity and to opening up to Truth. Each of these look set to inspire us to live in grace, to live in love and to become One with the lighthouse within as we re-align and re-centre with the power, strength, vision and joy within.

Even though we know that such a shift cannot ‘fix’ us, we intuitively know that the more we open up to living ‘free’ and in accordance to Truth, we grow more able to ride the waves of change with a warm inner glow and a sense of knowing that all will be well. As a result, we stop seeking external fixes, step beyond the conditions that we place on life and no longer get tied up in storylines or beliefs; we open up to living consciously. Such a shift looks set to liberate each and every one of us as we turn to face the light and the dark within to embrace our imperfections, our quirks and our complexity.  We are ready now to be Whole, to feel Whole and to live the lives that we know we were born to live…

I wish you all a bright, blessed and joyful 2014.

With love,



2014 looks set to be a year of inspired thinking and empowered action as you step from where you were to where you want to be with passion in your soul and fire in your heart. There is a sense that you feel revitalised, awakened and re-energised, and these feelings look set to intensify as the year progresses inspiring you to re-shape and re-define your life. You are not one for resting on your laurels at the best of times, but it seems important not to run before you can walk over the weeks and months ahead, choosing to instead ride the waves of life consciously and mindfully.

Mindfully may sound too passive for a fiery soul like you, but mindfulness is simply a way of being fully aware of your Self, your life and your path. The more mindful you are, the more quickly you can react to the tide turns of life and the more aware you will be of what you truly want in life as everything else starts to subside and fall away. Although subsidence may not sound either inspiring or empowering, try not to solely focus on what’s slipping away; of course, honour it and give thanks for all it has brought you in life, but open up to what’s left and to the opportunity to simplify and re-prioritise your life. Your year ahead is full of promise, energy and vitality, and how you choose to embrace this is truly up to you. Open up your heart and soul towards all that you are, and feel the vibration and energy rising up within you to carry you forwards with passion, joy and strength…


As you stand and gaze back at the year behind you, there is a sense of relief as you take a big deep breath and sigh. Wiping the sweat from your brow you can begin to relax knowing that the challenges presented to you are now behind you and in the past. Looking forward, you see opportunity and adventure as the path of your life opens you up leading to green pastures and rolling hills; such a beautiful scene, and one that captivates your attention as you long to lie in the grass without a care in the world. However, looking back and looking forward are but two directions in life and it seems that the time has come for you to look in the most important direction: the here and now.

2014 looks set to be a year of stepping beyond the conditionality of past and future to instead embrace living consciously in the moment and realising that those green pastures and rolling hills are already within you, now. At the same time, seeing the path ahead with rose-tinted glasses might make you feel better but you intuitively know that challenges are a part of life; you cannot ignore them or deny their presence. Although you year ahead does not seem full of challenge, inevitably there will be times when the flow slows or comes to a stop. It is how you face any challenge that seems so important now as you realise that each and every one allows you to savour the green grass within even more. In other words, every experience brings you closer to being you, and the more you open up to this, the more joy you will find in the here and now…


2014 looks set to be a year of insight and resolution as you find some of the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life. Such moments of revelation often prove delightful as you slot a missing piece into the puzzle, gaining a sense of satisfaction that you are slowly but surely completing the picture of your Self and your life. Although the delight is genuine, there is also an air of confusion likely to surface as the puzzle isn’t showing you the picture that you have been expecting; it seems that you have become so focused on what’s missing, and on trying to restore these pieces of the puzzle, that you have lost sight of the bigger picture. So, when you gain a clearer glimpse of the bigger picture and see that those missing pieces aren’t actually major players, you might feel a sense of disappointment.

However, know that every single piece of the puzzle of your life is important and even though the pieces you will discover over the weeks and months ahead may not, at first glance, appear significant, know that every piece matters as it brings you closer to being you. An important lesson to learn though is a willingness to accept that you do not have to complete the puzzle before you can get on with the business of living your life and being you, because you can do this now. You do not have to be complete to love life and be you as part of the fun of evolution comes through discovering new things along the way.  So, enjoy the discoveries over the year ahead (however big or small) and open up to loving your life and loving your Self exactly as you are…


Loving the life you live. Living the life you love. Such sweeping statements seem apt for you in 2014 as you open up to what you truly want in your life. Loving the life you live and living the life you love both make perfect sense to you as you can feel the energy and the vibration of the words lifting you up above the humdrum of life and connecting you to all that you hold dear. You want to live the life and love the life; this is all you have ever wanted, but there has always been something to do first, someone to see or somewhere to go that has kept such a vision just beyond your fingertips. However, this looks set to change over the weeks and months ahead as you step beyond the distractions and the chatter of life to connect to what truly makes your heart sing.

You have spent a long time with your head down, keeping on keeping on, turning the wheel of life to get on, but you are fed up with the daily grind and know that you are ready to inject some magic, life and sparkle back into your world. Exactly what this involves has yet to be revealed, mainly because, as yet, you have not fully decided what you want to achieve, but, as the days turn into weeks, there is a sense that clarity will rise up within you illuminating your Truth and inspiring you to embrace the life that you know you are ready to live. Change is not always easy, but you seem ready now to ride the waves of change with strength and courage as you step towards pastures new and to living the life you are ready to live…


Looking back over 2013, there were moments when you could kick yourself for not allowing your majestic roar to resonate around your life and there were moments when you could kick yourself for allowing your roar to resonate. It seems that 2013 was a year of discombobulation for you as you tossed and turned with the currents of life, trying to find your centre and having moments of disequilibrium where your roar didn’t act in accordance to your higher and deeper nature. Yet the past is behind you, so rather than berate yourself for choices made or not made, things said or not said and actions taken or not taken, let it go now and turn your attention to where you are now.

2014 looks set to be a year when your sense of inner equilibrium returns allowing you to feel much more like yourself once again. As you open up your consciousness to life, your roar re-aligns and allows you to speak, and be, Truth, as you feel and intuit your way forward. At the same time, the more you re-align and take a big, deep breath of life, the more you will realise that every act, decision and choice made behind you matters; none of it was a waste of time as it all adds together in the bigger picture of your life. Knowing this inspires you to bring together the many, many different facets of you into a bigger and more cohesive whole over the course of the year as you begin to see new ways of being you and living the life you were born to live. Your roar re-tunes and finds a new resonance as you find the joy of being you once again…


Dreams remain dreams as long as they remain dreams. Possibly a somewhat profound statement to begin your 2014 reading, but it seems an important one as it looks set to shape and define your year ahead. Yet, what do these words actually mean? Surely a dream can only ever be a dream, can’t it? Well, yes, but no! You have many dreams and many of them remain highly polished dreams sitting in pristine perfection on the shelf of your ‘dreams to achieve’ list of life; they remain dreams rather than accomplishments or reality. You seem reluctant to grab hold of them to bring them to life just in case they get scratched, damaged or broken. Understandable of course, as life has a habit of being full of unknowable outcomes, but holding these dreams within surely only keeps them on the ever-expanding horizon, never allowing you the opportunity to ‘take a chance’ and bring them into reality?

None of this is new to you, but there is a part of your nature that prefers to keep those dreams safe and perfect. Quite what drives this side of your nature seems complex, but you are more than your quirks and nuances; you are you, and you have a say as to what happens next. Over the course of your year ahead it seems likely that you will be presented with a choice: keep your dreams as dreams or do something about them. Although things are rarely as black and white as they may first appear, try to see this as a golden opportunity to re-shape and re-define your Self and your life with courage, strength, creativity and passion…


‘Consider yourself at home…Consider yourself part of the furniture’. Quite why these lyrics, from Oliver!, are relevant to you in 2014 seems something of a mystery to be revealed rather than a puzzle to be solved as you step from where you were to where you are with strength, wisdom and clarity. Being home is something you have often thought about; home in this context is not the four walls that give you shelter and privacy, but it is feeling like you are finally where you need to be in life. Home has often felt out of reach as you have struggled to find your Self in the chaos of life, and although there have been moments of clarity when you have touched ‘home’, it has always seemed to elude you when it came to being home rather than visiting. It seems important to acknowledge that home is a state of being that encompasses all that you are and all that you do; it is feeling centred, with your heart beating in sync with the rhythm of your life.

Being part of the furniture suggests something that you would prefer not to contemplate: not only have you always been home but you have been there so long that you have become one of the fixtures and fittings. You have spent a long time trying to find something that has never truly been lost; you might have forgotten at times, but, when it comes down to it, intuitively you know that home is with you always, as it is you. This is why there is no puzzle and there are no questions waiting to be answered or riddles to be solved; you already have all that you need to be home…


As you continue to walk the path between where you were and where you want to be, there is a sense that you are feeling more at peace with yourself and your life now. Although, on the surface, little may have changed between 2013 and 2014, intuitively you know that your focus in life has shifted exponentially as what once seemed so important now seems less so as you open up to living the life that brings tingles to your soul and a breathless expectation to your day. You want to wake up each morning with an edge of excitement and a waft of the unknown, as both of these are signs that you are consciously taking each day and every moment as it comes. You no longer feel stuck on the path between where you were and where you want to be, but you have come to see the present as the gift that it is meant to be.

Life no longer feels full of conditions: when you have done ‘a’, then you can do ‘b’ as you know that no amount of money, success, weight loss or anything else can truly bring you what you have now. Such a shift has been a long time coming but you now seem to be truly happy with your Self and your life; this is to be celebrated as it is a sign that you have liberated yourself from conditional living and chasing dreams to living your life more consciously and more vibrantly. Being aware in the moment takes courage as it means leaning into the comfort of your reality; it means facing your life, your Self and your consciousness head on without fear. You have taken this step and as you take a big, deep breath of now, you know that everything is as it should be…


2014 looks set to be a year of re-connecting with the masterpiece of your life and opening up to the richness, depth and magnificence in every bold sweep of the canvas. You are an inspired soul; always have been, always will be, and although intuitively you know this, you can find it hard to accept this about yourself. It has frequently been easier for you to distract yourself in the business of getting on with life rather than indulge your spirit with consciously connecting to the idea that you are anything more than you. Well, of course, you can never be more than you, but when you consider that you are a divine soul, an infinite being and an integral part of the universe; the whole dynamic changes as you realise that being you is anything but simple!

‘I dream my painting and I paint my dream.’ These words by Vincent Van Gogh set a good theme for you throughout the year ahead as you reconnect to the concept of aligning your thinking, feeling and visions into a more cohesive and unified whole. It seems that the more you allow yourself to open up to your dreams and to the aspirations, goals and wishes that warm the cockles of your soul, then the more you can start painting your dream and manifesting it into reality. When you are aligned and focused, the boundaries between what you dream and what you create blur as you no longer feel contained or restrained by your limitations. You instead feel a true sense of liberation as you take a brush in one hand, a new palette in the other and begin painting…


As you stand on the edge of a new year it seems hard for you to comprehend that another year is behind you as life has passed by so quickly, in the blink of an eye. Yet here you stand, not quite where you once stood and not as near to where you thought you wanted to be. This statement sounds a little odd: ‘to where you thought you wanted to be’? This suggests a change of heart and although you are not one to change direction without a great deal of thought and consideration, it seems that where you wanted to be is no longer where you want to be. As a result, 2014 looks set to be a year of shift as you make changes to your life to accommodate your new direction. This could mean little changes here and there or it could mean stonking great huge changes that ricochet around your life creating mini tsunamis in the pond of your life. Although the little changes may be more appealing, it seems that you are ready to create some waves in the bigger picture of your life.

One of the reasons that life has passed by so quickly is a tendency for you to become intensely focused on the business of keeping on keeping on and this dedication can take you away from your intuition and in-built guidance mechanism leaving you disconnected from your true priorities and goals in life. However, over the course of the year ahead, it seems that re-connection to your Self, your life and your path will snap you back into alignment, reigniting the fires within and inspiring you to not only step to where you want to be but to love every minute of it at the same time…


2014 looks set to be a year of enrichment, simplicity and inspiration as you continue to embrace the concept of ‘being the rainbow’ and living consciously in the present moment. The theme of enrichment surfaces through a desire to enhance and nurture your soul and your life by honouring your Self, listening to your Self and being your Self. Yet, this is not about ‘being the best’; this is about embracing your quirks, complexities and imperfections, and loving them with as much robustness as you do your gifts and talents. Self-acceptance is the key to true enrichment. Simplicity is easier to grasp as it involves stripping back the many different complex layers of your soul in order to connect to your Truth and to those things that make your heart and soul sing with joy. Life doesn’t have to be complicated and you are now ready to find joy in the simpler things as you let go of the distractions and clutter.

Inspiration, the third theme for you year ahead, is a tad harder to describe in words as it is hard to give shape or form to the vastness of your imagination and full extent of your creativity. Your expansive consciousness takes your awareness to levels that go beyond words, shape or form. However, it seems that although this is unknowable territory, you seem ready now to embrace it and become One with it in order to catapult your life forwards, onwards and upwards. When you feel inspired, the vibration of your life shifts as though every atom, every cell, every breath and every thought have realigned once again. The more you connect to this vibration, the more you will realise that being your true Self is your main goal over the coming year…


As you sigh, breathe and sign once again, there is a strong indication that you are quite relieved to see the end of 2013! It was a year of different contrasts and different challenges, and although you weathered the storms well, you now seem weary of constantly battling the currents and trying to stay afloat. Although it seems important to remind you that your dogged determination was an act of choice as no one made you stay and battle-on, you should also acknowledge your strength and tenacity as it has served you well. As you turn to face your year ahead, you can’t help but wonder if 2014 will be a year of further challenge or if the tides will turn taking you to new shores.

Challenges are a part of life and their ongoing presence in your life seems somewhat inevitable as they are an equal-opportunity event; in other words, everyone gets stuff to deal with! However, what isn’t set in stone is your response to those challenges as you have grown and evolved to a point where you are no longer happy to drift with the currents of life being taken to wherever the currents may take you but you are ready to re-shape and re-define the currents in order to re-shape and re-define your life!  When you think of a single drop of water, it is hard to see how just one drop can do anything much, but when you add this drop to a river or an ocean, the dimensions change as you realise that every single drop is interconnected and fluid. It is your time now to stop seeing yourself as an isolated droplet but as a vibrant and integral part of the whole; it is also time to love yourself for it…