A Matter of Perspective…

The Moon was stirring up Pluto yesterday and this seems to be part of the build up towards the New Moon on Sunday. There has been a decidedly edgy energy in the air, and there is a strong sense of agitation for many souls. The reason for this is connected to the Moon’s emotional ebb stirring up Pluto the catalyst.

For many of us, there seems to be no logical reason for this agitation and restlessness, but it is part of the process of moving towards a greater sense of clarity and focus over the coming weeks. It is time to honour the emotions and to release all the tension from within – channel it in positive and creative ways. To ignore this is likely to lead to emotional outbursts or mini eruptions which bring out the destructive side of Pluto rather than the creative side of this powerful little planet.

The cosmic forces are building momentum in each of our lives, with Saturn and Mars continuing Retrograde (which is encouraging each of us to tap into our wells of inner strength and stand in the truth of who we are). It is truly time to let go of self-doubt and uncertainty, and instead roll up our sleeves and get on with life. Our dreams are for the taking, we just need to have the courage of our convictions to step into the unknown and let faith guide us.

The Chinese New Year on the 14th marks the start of the year of the Metal Tiger – just think about tiger for a moment, their strength, beauty, power and vision, and these are the qualities that will shine though over the coming months. I will write more about the Metal Tiger in the coming days.

So a light is shining brightly on clarity, vision, change and honouring the power within. There is a sense of a turn away from materialism towards more spiritual/creative living.

This is further confirmed by the Sacred Union of Neptune and Chiron which continues way into 2011. Whilst Jupiter is now moving away from this sacred dance, Venus has touched them both recently, and the Sun is moving into conjunction over the coming days. Chiron is the healer, and Neptune is the mystic and these continue to bring a very strong spiritual theme to our lives.

It seems that at the crux of all of this is Faith – our belief that each of us carries a Divine Spark within, and that the Divine connects all there is. This Faith is not about manifestation or abundance, it is pure and simple unadulterated Divine Love – basking in the power of the Divine and honouring this within ourselves and one another.

Spirituality is taking a more holistic step towards living in accordance to our Faith and to honour what’s truly important in our lives. It is different for each of us, but one thing that is common is a need to find true nourishment in the Light of the Divine.

In some ways there is a huge paradox here, on one side the need to stand in our power and to ‘get on with things’ and on the other side a need for more reflection and spiritual contemplation. These can and do complement one another though – it all comes down to the matter of perspective…