Illuminating the Sacred Dance

The Sun is now shining a light on the special conjunction of Neptune and Chiron. Neptune and Chiron are still dancing around one another, and whilst Jupiter has now left the party, the two remaining planets will remain together until well into 2011.

Neptune is the planet of mystery, mysticism, dreams and the ethereal; whilst Chiron is the wounded healer representing those wounds which enable each of us to help/heal others. In addition, Chiron shows us the strength we have within ourselves to face adversity and then find it within ourselves to use the experience and wisdom of that adversity to help others.

This is happening in Aquarius – the airy sign of the water bearer, who carries the elixir of life. Aquarius is the sign of brother/sister hood, unity, humanity and forward thinking. It is the sign that takes steps into the unknown, the sign that has the courage to explore new horizons.

So, over this special weekend of the Chinese New Year, it is a good time to think about our spirituality, our healing gifts and the ways in which we can reach out to one another. Whilst we each have our own very unique paths to walk in life, this is a time for unity of thought and unity of intention in connection to love, healing and peace. Whilst we will each approach this in different ways, the underlying intent is the same – to make a positive difference.

I will write more on the continuing union of Neptune and Chiron over the coming weeks…