The Tiger Within

February’s New Moon on the 14th sees the start of the Chinese New Year and the year of the Tiger. Lots of cultures celebrate the lunar cycle; the Chinese New Year is the most familiar. The element for this year is metal, sometimes referred to as Golden or White – Golden Tiger and White Tiger both sound amazing, Metal Tiger sounds a little more mechanical – perhaps this is a year to turn metal into gold…

A New Moon signifies new beginnings. So this is a good time for making wishes and declaring affirmations or statements of intent about our paths ahead. What a great time to make some powerful resolutions for the year ahead (and with over a billion other people celebrating this New Year there will certainly be a lot of power behind you!).

The New Moon is in Aquarius – an air sign, which represents the mind, so this is an important time to make new affirmations and to state our intent for the coming months. Remember this is the year for personal empowerment and honouring the power within…

Metal/Gold brings great clarity and vision, and this combined with the prowess and clarity of Tiger, signifies great change. This change seems to start from within each of us as we start to honour ourselves and our power, but it looks set to have far reaching consequences as Tiger does not place great value on either power or money, but takes pride in the power within and its own strengths. This suggests a turn away from materialism towards living more spiritually and creatively, quite a shift for humanity. It seems that the gold is the richness and abundance within.

Tiger also brings protection and wisdom, and working with Tiger will help each of us to find our own power and strengths. Spend a few minutes meditating with Tiger on the 14th, visualise the power and strength that this beautiful creature emanates, Visualise becoming Tiger – even for a few moments – feel the power and strength within, and know that this majestic animal is a part of each and every one of us.

Remember the old Tibetan proverb:

‘It is better to have lived one day as a tiger, than a thousand years as a sheep’.

So, it is time to be proud, be strong, be creative and let our spirituality flow. It is time to believe in ourselves and our gifts, and have the courage to reach for the stars. We each now have the chance to bathe in the infinite well of Divine Love that resides within each and every one of us, and to shine like the Golden Tiger…

I wish each and every one of us a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous year.