The Divine Soul

Neptune and Chiron continue with their sacred conjunction, and the intensity of this seems to be continually growing and expanding.

Both of these planets are strongly connected to the Soul, and whilst Chiron allows us to work from the depths of the soul to help and heal others, Neptune is the force that drives us towards spiritual longing and Faith.

Chiron can highlight pain in our lives, he can show us darkness and suffering, but his gift also allows us to ascend from the darkness towards meaning, purpose and love. He offers each of us greater wisdom and an understanding of the light beyond the darkness. There can be no light without dark, no day without night – they are inseparable. How we choose to deal with them does come down to choice though – we can dwell on the pain and suffering, feeling powerless; or take strength from the pain and use the wisdom gained from the experience to make a difference.

Of course, life does not always present us with such a clear choice, and the infinite shades of grey in-between can somewhat cloud the clarity of Chiron.

Bringing Neptune into the mix can do one of two things. Neptune can flood the situation with mists of confusion and illusion, or this ethereal planet can fill our lives with the ‘Technicolor’ spectacular that accompanies clarity of vision and unconditional Faith.

It seems that these two planets want us to get lost in the haze in order to truly find ourselves. This is not about following others, fitting in or doing what we are told when it comes to our souls – this is deeply personal and totally unique to each of us.

It is time to honour our wounds and to realise that the well of strength within each of us is starting to overflow enabling us to reach out towards new ideas, new paths to walk and new horizons. Once we step out of the haze, we will each shine brightly as the Divine Beings that we are. It is time to live our spirituality and to honour the Divinity of our souls.

This sounds very heady and a little surreal, but there is no ego in this, focusing on the ego and the Self misses the point. It is time to step into a new space in our lives and to love. Yes, that’s what it all boils down to, love.

Ok you may say, we live in the real world and we cannot survive on love alone. The ‘real world’ is full of stress, angst and the mundane. But remember, with Chiron and Neptune we are not in the ‘real world’ we are at soul level. Love feeds and nourishes the soul, and when the soul is nourished, life becomes so much easier. Alongside love, comes faith and belief – not only in the Divine but in our Selves as well. When we are immersed in love and can see this love flowing all around, life flows. We need to trust in this process, and realise that love emanates light, joy, positivity and abundance. It is a state of Being.

So love is the key, and as The Beatles once sang ‘All You Need is Love’.