A New Awakening…

Well, it’s almost upon us (the 26th June) – The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and The Cosmic Cross. Also at this time is a Grand Kite formed between Pluto/Moon, Sun/Mercury, Chiron/Neptune and Pallas Athene (who has just moved direct).

Traditionally astrologers see Cosmic (Grand) Crosses as challenging and foreboding. I tend to view them somewhat differently as I believe that with a whole host of squares and oppositions, there is a lot of friction (energy) created, giving each of us a great deal to work with. I believe that such Crosses are great opportunities to bring about change and movement in our lives.

The Grand Kite (basically a Grand Trine – Big Triangle (three planets in trine to one another – Mercury/Sun, Pallas Athene, Chiron/Neptune) with two of the corners forming sextiles to another planet (Pluto/Moon) forming a kite shape). It is interesting that the powerful conjunction with Neptune and Chiron are brought into the mix as this is a truly important pivotal shift of energies both within and without.

Try not to worry about the shapes and patterns; it matters not if you understand the mechanics, what matters more is the ability to be still and to simply ‘soak up’ the energies. The 26th June is a day to reflect, to contemplate and to ponder our lives, the paths we have travelled so far and the journey ahead. It is a time to sort the wheat from the chaff in our lives and to focus on our true priorities.

Interestingly with Pallas Athene moving direct on the 24th June, the Grand Kite takes a strong shift towards emotional and psychological harmony and balance. The Cosmic Cross seems more focused on spiritual, energetic and material balance.

So it seems clear that the 26th June is a turning point, and is likely to see a shift within each of us. This shift may not happen in an instant, but deep within each of us, a cog has clicked into perfect alignment with our souls, allowing us to transform our lives and to truly fulfil our potential.

This is not a time to rush blindly ahead, but a time to honour ourselves and our gifts, to honour one another and to honour the Earth (and all those who dwell on, above and within her). In many ways this is a time of Being, but a time of spiritual (energetic) doing – going with the flow of energies towards pastures new in our lives.

This is a time to listen, to be open to our intuition and to be guided forwards in life. Taking responsibility for our choices, finding strength and compassion through pain, allowing the cycle of life to flow and ebb are all important steps now.

In many ways this is a re-awakening, a time of re-birth as each of us start to see the world in a new light. We see possibilities where before we may only have seen obstacles or challenges, and we see hope where before we may only have seen despair.

This is the dawning of a new era where collectively we can bring about positive change. A time when each of us can hold our heads up high and be proud of who we are (warts and all!). It is time to be individual, to be free and to have the courage of our convictions to follow our dreams. This is not about taking risks, but it is about having faith and belief.

‘It is better to have lived one day as a tiger, than a thousand years as a sheep’. Tibetan Proverb

The days of each of us staying head down in the flock of humanity is leaving now, and it is time to honour our Selves. Tigers may be endangered species, they may be hunted down and mistreated, but there is no denying their beauty, strength and courage…

I hope you have an inspirational, enlightening and positive weekend.