It Seems That Lightning Can Strike The Same Place Twice…

Uranus moves retrograde today, marking an intensification phase of the T-Square between Uranus/Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Uranus helps us to honour our individuality and to stand in our truth helping us to become free…

Uranus (originally Ouranus) translates as ‘the sky crowned with stars’ and this powerful outer planet represents the light of consciousness. I have written before that many of us believe that we are afraid of the Dark, and strive to be in the Light. Yet, Uranus shows us that it is more often the case that we are afraid of the Light.

Unless we are ready to receive truth, we tend to shun it or turn our backs on it (think about the torture of witches and sages throughout time). Uranus is not about judging how we deal with truth though, he simply shines a light on Truth and consciousness for all to see (only in small doses though, for the full current and power can burn and overwhelm). It is those who genuinely have their eyes wide open that can see beyond these judgements to the core of the matter, towards a state of Knowing.

Also known as The Lightning Strike, Uranus is the bringer of Truth that can strike right to the core of an issue. The lightning can bring about flashes of brilliance and insight making Uranus the innovator and inventor (look at the industrial, technological and spiritual revolutions seen since his discovery in 1781). Uranus is always looking ahead, thinking outside of the box.

Uranus is something of a free-thinking rebel who strives to be an individual and something of a cosmic hippie. He will not conform for anyone, and works towards destroying outdated and outmoded beliefs, ideologies and theories. In addition, Uranus awakens our sixth sense and gives us the gift of intuition.

Many of us fail to see the wisdom of Uranus, we simply see an ageing hippie with often outrageous ideas that we choose to ignore as they do not fit into our lifestyles. Yet Uranus is the oldest God, and without him we would not evolve, develop or grow. Without him, we would not even be aware of consciousness, energy or intuition. I guess one lesson with Uranus in retrograde is never to judge a book by its cover – stop seeing an eccentric hippy, and start to listen to what he says, thinks and does.

In other words, this is a time to embrace our individuality and to honour the hippie that resides within us all. This is not about braided hair, bare feet and lentils (although if that floats your boat, then fabulous!), this is about seeing the Truth of who we really are, seeing our own uniqueness and individuality, and having the self-belief to stand up and be proud of ourselves and our achievements in life.

Our inner hippies want us to break down the barriers within that stop us from living in Truth. Many of us live our lives with a constant flow of ‘should’s, ought’s and must’s’, which dictate our choices and our ability to follow our paths ahead. Uranus will challenge our inner dialogue to allow us to be the free spirits that we all are.

Uranus is The Fool in the tarot who needs to have faith and belief to step into the unknown to whatever lies beyond. It is time for each of us to affirm what is truly important to us and to have the courage to let go of all those things that no longer serve us. The log jam of energies in the T-Square are overwhelming and confusing, yet if we stay connected to the core of our Beings we will find strength, courage, inspiration, creativity, clarity and vision.

Retrograde Uranus is helping us to become more enlightened and more awake! It is time for each of us to re-write the stories of our lives and to be proud of who we are (warts and all!). When we stand in the full truth of who we are, we can follow our dreams and fulfil our aspirations. Nothing can pull us down when we remain centred and immersed in love.

Uranus is challenging each of us to have the courage of our convictions to honour our gifts and talents, and to step into the unknown having faith that our needs will be taken care of. Uranus wants us to see that we can find joy when we have the strength to follow our dreams.

Over the coming weeks and months (Uranus remains retrograde until December!) we are likely to see a need for change both within and without, individually and collectively. It is a time to expect the unexpected and to keep an open mind.

As for the heading ‘Lightning Does Strike The Same Place Twice’? Well, all of the challenges Uranus looks set to throw in our general directions are ones we have seen before. These will continue to rumble around and occasionally erupt until we can learn our lessons and truly become the masters of our own destinies…

So, I think we can expect the roller coaster ride to continue for some time to come…!

‘The important thing is not to stop questioning’. Albert Einstein