An Angel in Hobnailed Boots

Ever get the feeling that you are running on a treadmill, stuck in one place, and no matter how hard or fast you run, you never get any further forward? There have been quite a few moments like this over the past few weeks and months, and their intensity seems to be increasing!

It seems that the reason for this is connected to our growing awareness of their presence, and this in itself makes them more marked and profound! Yet, this does not have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for we can shift our perspectives in order to look beyond the challenge in order to see the opportunity that such moments in life present us. Whilst it can be hard to see even a glimpse of opportunity through the frustration, if we can begin to see that each challenge is, in itself, making us stronger, then this is a start!

When life feels challenging, every day can feel daunting, and it can be hard to breathe. When life throws us head first into chaos and challenges, it is only natural to want to understand these and to ensure that they never happen again. We may choose to withdraw from life a little, but our life force withers at the same time. Or we can stand firm, like a flower in the storm, gently bending and flexing with the wind.

Deep within each and every one of us is infinite potential; we are Divine sparks. Once we awaken from limited thought, restricting beliefs and from seeing external attachments as goals in themselves, then everything becomes possible. Even those down’s move into clearer perspective, because after each ‘down’ comes an ‘up’, and we can choose to get lost in the grief of losing the up or we can surrender to the flow and ride it like a rollercoaster. How we perceive the down’s is the key to riding the storm and bending like that flower, rather than resisting and snapping like a brittle twig.

Ever since we came into consciousness, we have been shaping and moulding our lives and our paths. Perhaps subconsciously, perhaps deliberately, but we have been using our power nonetheless. Making a step towards being fully conscious of all of this is significant now, for this is the path towards not only inner unification but global unification as well. As we begin to awaken, we realise that we place ourselves on the treadmill of life; perhaps through fear or convenience, perhaps through boredom or a desperate need to cling to something familiar. Whatever the reason, it is time to own that choice and to either accept it or to step onto a path that is open-ended and unfamiliar.

We each have our sources of guidance in life; some connect to angels, some to guides or companions, and some to other Beings. Some of us simply follow our own in-built guidance systems and trust the flow. Whatever our inspiration, it seems that the time has come to ‘toughen up’ in order to take some important and significant steps forwards in life. It is time to ask our angels to put on their hobnailed boots, to roll up their sleeves and to give each of us a well-meaning virtual nudge in the ribs to keep us focused and motivated to step off the treadmill once and for all!

Our guides and inspiration are not passive, meek and mild; they are magnificent and powerful, and we need to realise that they are a part of us, making us magnificent and powerful! So, put on your hobnailed boots and get ready for the ride…