And So It Continues…

As the intense and somewhat profound cosmic twists and turns continue, it seems that many of us are facing some of our biggest challenges. We are being taken within on one hand but being thrown challenges by our external world on the other. In some ways life feels tiring and very pedestrian, but deep within, the transformation and awakening continues as we become more alive, more aware and more awake. This inner/outer pull is exhausting, and it is confusing.

So, how can we remain calm and centred within, but deal with the ensuing chaos all around? Well, someone special to me said that we need to be like the Whirling Dervishes; still and focused within despite the intense activity without. We will find ourselves able to cope with whatever happens around us. We can be busy and calm at the same time. It all comes down to focus, belief and to intent.

With so many planets retrograde, and with Uranus and Ceres both joining this inner circle during July, it seems that we truly need to focus on reclaiming that quiet space within. It is from this quiet space that we can re-connect to the core of our Beings and reclaim our sense of Self. It is also time to reclaim our space; both within and without!

Our relationships move onto centre stage now; in particular, the relationship that we have with ourselves. It is time to find our inner voice, to celebrate our gifts and to begin to feel truly alive. Despite the challenges, the emotional intensity and the discombobulation, it seems clear that we need to stand firm, like buoys on stormy seas. We need to use our faith and belief to trust that our needs will be taken care of and to trust that we are strong enough to ride out the storm. The more we can tap into, and use, that huge well of strength that lies within each of us, the more we can bring into our lives to create positive change and transformation.

In many ways, this is a time for amalgamating, for resting, and for ‘being’; but at the same time, the need to be ‘doing’ is inescapable. Therefore, balance is so important. We cannot have being without doing; doing without being. That would be like day without night, or yin without yang…

With such a strong focus on our inner landscape, we need to ensure that we tend the garden within. As well as weeding, planting new seeds and tending the land with love and tenderness, we need to find space for rest and reflection. This could be an arbour or a cushion under an oak tree, but somewhere within where we can find comfort, true nourishment and love. We all have a focus to make the world a better place, but this needs to be within each of us as well as all around. Unless we are whole and complete within, how can we love, nurture and tend to others?

We need to learn to truly love ourselves, to honour ourselves and to respect ourselves. These words are bandied about freely, but do we truly and honestly love, honour and respect ourselves? How many of us beat ourselves up every single day for not being good enough, not being paid enough, for eating that bar of chocolate, for thinking we look fat and ugly? Thought so, this has to stop now!

Alexander Pope once wrote ‘To err is human, to forgive is Divine’; we should remember that we are all Divine, we carry a Divine spark within, and we are all part of the One. It is time to forgive ourselves now and to change our inner dialogues towards a more life enhancing positivity.

As the planets continue to weave their magic web, we need to stand firm and strong, and to realise that, in so many ways, we are the masters of our own destiny. We do shape our own lives through our thoughts, our actions, and through the state of our inner landscapes. If we have a weed- ridden mess within, how on earth are we to have any sense of clarity or vision? At the same time, with such chaos within, it becomes hard to take responsibility for our choices, to feel inspired, to be empowered or to use the power of our intent, because we have no inner space to do this from.

We really need to focus within now, to have a de-clutter, to re-shape our thoughts, to understand that our thoughts shape our lives, and to believe in the power of positive thought.

Intent is a word so often used, but perhaps not truly understood. Intention is an unbending knowing, not a glimmer of hope or a ‘well, that would be nice’; intention has power, it has strength. Intention makes things happen. This is not about ego, it is simply about knowing that we can shape our lives way and beyond what we think possible.

So, it seems clear that we have choices to make, gardens to tend and intentions to create. Whilst this is in so many ways a challenging time, it is also a time to re-write the rule book, to start afresh and to become truly empowered. We can remain lost in the chaos if we choose, or we can stand strong and resolute, and transform our lives from the inside out…