The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Uranus moves retrograde in Aries today (10th July), and tomorrow Ceres enters Aries.

Dear Uranus, the rebel, the truth seeker, the innovator, the free spirit. Uranus is that voice within that encourages and inspires us to honour our individuality and to be truly free. Uranus is truth and he is freedom; and when retrograde, Uranus asks that each of us explores the Light of Consciousness within.

We all carry within us Light and Dark, these polar opposites representing Yin and Yang, Day and Night, Life and Death. The Light of Consciousness is Truth; it is our willingness to face Truth in our lives, and it is our ability to embrace freedom. Many of us still believe that we are afraid of the Dark and so cling to the Light as friend and protector. Yet, it seems that the true fear is of the Light, for it is the Light that illuminates our souls and shows the fullness of our Beings. The Light helps us to receive and to face Truth, and it is only by being ready to receive this truth that we can truly evolve and grow as sentient Beings.

Truth and Light are not about judgment, nor are they about fear. They are about opening up our eyes to see what’s already there. Truth is a state of Knowing. Once we illuminate Truth, fear vanishes. Yet fear is not bad, it is part of being human. It all comes down to balance…

We all carry Dark, we all carry Light. The perfect balance between the two is bliss. We simply cannot have one without the other, and to deny the darkness is akin to denying a huge part of ourselves. Honouring the darkness is not about turning into hardened criminals, but it is about realising that each of us is a delicate balance of polarities, and this balance needs constant work, frequent re-adjustment and a lot of perseverance!

In Aries, Retrograde Uranus will inspire us to move beyond outdated fears and beliefs, and he will encourage us to think freely as individuals. At the same time, Uranus asks that we move through life with open-minds and hearts, without judgement and without persecuting those that we do not understand. In many ways, this is about living freely and allowing others to do the same, but it goes deeper than this. For Retrograde Uranus wants us to emanate Truth and freedom from every level of our Beings. This is a time for being free spirits in every sense of the word.

So, it seems clear that it is time to affirm what is truly important to us and to have the courage to let go of all those things that no longer serve us. We need to stay connected to the core of our Beings to tap into that huge well of strength, courage, inspiration, creativity, clarity and vision that resides there.

When we add Ceres moving into Aries into this mix alongside all the other inner focused planets, it seems that the cosmos is inspiring each of us to nurture and nourish ourselves on every level. It is time to become fully awake and to live life as consciously and joyfully as possible…