Azure Magic

I have long loved crystals, some I love for their healing properties, some I love for their beauty, and some I love and I don’t really know why. Very often, a crystal remains on the shelf gathering dust, serving no particular purpose until one day it catches the eye. This is no coincidence, I am sure, for when we look deeper into the ‘meanings’ and ‘uses’ of said crystal, it is so clear why we need it close to us.

This happened to me recently. Many years ago I purchased a rather beautiful Aqua Aura pendant. I have always had mixed feelings about Aqua Aura as it is not natural, it is made by surface bonding clear quartz with finely powdered gold. So, ultimately my beautiful Aqua Aura pendant remained in my jewellery box for many many years. Then, a couple of weeks ago, it ‘fell’ out of the box. I immediately became entranced by the magical azure blue shimmering in the sunlight, and realised that I was in need of some Aqua Aura in my life.

I tend to connect intuitively to crystals, and Aqua Aura seems well placed to work with the throat chakras and communication. Once wearing my pendant, I also immediately sensed an aura of protection around me – as well as a feeling of close connection to the ‘higher’ realms.

Wanting to find out more I picked up my favourite crystal book, The Book of Stones by R Simmons and Naisha Ashian. I like this book so much as to me, the authors truly know stones – they have a bond or relationship with the crystal energies and so their interpretations really resonate with me.

They confirmed my connection with the throat chakra, and felt that it helps to communicate inner truths. This makes so much sense to me as the crystal seems to vibrate on a different frequency – almost multi-dimensional.

Aqua Aua is a calming and relaxing stone for the emotions, and it releases stress and relieves depression and anxiety. This also resonated as for me Aqua Aura imbibes a sense of stillness and inner calm, almost as though it washes through the body, cleansing stress as it goes.

The authors also confirmed my thoughts that this tranquil yet powerful stone has a very high and intense vibration that does not only protect and support the wearer, but that it helps one to connect to higher knowledge and wisdom.

One insight that they also offered was that Aqua Aura can help the wearer to connect with their inner beauty, and to help them to attract wealth and success. These too make sense, and we can all do with connecting to the beauty within because by doing this, we can start to believe that we truly deserve success and happiness in our lives.

So, I now wear my Aqua Aura pendant lovingly and devotedly, that is until the next crystal jumps out and grabs my attention…