March Horoscopes


Despite the air of spring around you, life takes a slower pace in March. The fully loaded tensile wires that connect you with all areas of your life have been fine-tuned creating a more sedate and relaxed atmosphere this month. In some ways this is a shame as you were gearing up to charge full steam ahead with your plans; however, before you allow your frustration to get the better of you, try to see that this is an opportunity to take some much needed time out and to get your strategy for the months ahead clear.

You are not one to avoid taking charge of situations in your life, and whilst leaders are often valued, be careful not to allow your assertive edge to come across as pushy, insensitive or even aggressive. Think before you act, and understand that there is a knack to winning friends and influencing people…

On a more personal level there is a need for a lot more tact, sensitivity and diplomacy this month. You speak the truth as you see it; an honourable quality, but sometimes this can be brutally blunt, hurtful and a little over the top. You may see this as a necessary ‘evil’, but be prepared this month, for you are likely to receive as good as you get, and sometimes the truth hurts. You have been warned.


There has been something stirring, rumbling from your depths, and this rumbling is the re-awakening of your creative and imaginative streak. You have been rather disconnected to this area of your life over recent months due to life pressures taking over, but March marks a complete turn-around in this regard. So much so, that you will feel so confident about life that you feel comfortable taking some risks to achieve success. This is a big step for you, so take your time and be sure to trust your intuition.

March is a month to enrich your life with fresh interests and new pursuits. It is a month for you to listen to your own needs and wants, and to fulfil some of your long-term aims and ambitions. Think about your future and what you want to achieve. It may be time to embark on some re-training or simply time to step into your full potential. Fortune is smiling on you, so don’t be afraid to set your sights high – and don’t forget that you are your biggest obstacle most of the time, as you doubt yourself far too much. Give yourself a break and embrace your gifts now.

This is a time to focus on you and less on others, those close may try to distract you; but remember that you deserve attention and time as well…


You have been running on empty for a while now, and it has been easier for you to glide along down hill rather than stop and take stock of your life. Not thinking about your life is quite out of character for you, as you are usually such a deep and profound thinker, but you have found that burying your head in the sand is so much more pleasant.

If you take some time to stop and think about yourself, your life and your dreams, you will realise that you have been seriously underestimating your abilities. Being content with your lot really isn’t enough for you – you need passion and intrigue, and the quest for knowledge and enlightenment. Try to take a step back to see the bigger picture – then you will be able to reach for the stars.

March marks a real turning point in your life; it is the beginning of an expansive and enlightening phase, a time for freedom, independence and joy. There is a sense of adventure and excitement in the air, as you finally begin to see that the key to achieving your dreams is you – and this is something you have had all along. So, there is no need to go on a quest or to procrastinate any longer as you already have all you need to succeed.


March is a special month for Cancerians, as it is a time to go within in order to find inner tranquillity and peace. You now need to let go of stress and anxiety in order to cultivate your own inner haven of stillness and retreat. People often forget just how vulnerable Cancer folk are within as their shells are so hard and impenetrable, and this results in you often being left to batter the storms of life on your own, without extra protection. Of course, you are more than capable of coping, but this means that your hardened exterior gets harder, you get more cynical about life, and you lose touch with your soft centre (and I am not talking Turkish delight or strawberry crème here).

You are being blessed with a golden opportunity this month to get back in touch with your core, to re-find your inner equilibrium. Once re-established, life will seem a whole lot more positive and expansive, and you will come to realise that the restrictions around you have, in many ways, been self-imposed as part of your protection mechanism to survive. Once stillness and peace envelop you, you will no longer need to battle, you can just ebb and flow with the tide of life and enjoy the beauty around and within you.

This may sound a bit airy-fairy, but you know it’s true…


Bring it on! Is your motto for March, as you are running with a full tank of super special rocket fuel, and cannot wait to burst forth to embrace some new challenges and adventures in your life. You are feeling invincible, and nothing seems insurmountable to you now. The disenchantment you have been feeling over the past couple of months has left you now, and your confidence is riding high. You now feel clearer about your path in life than you have done for a long while.

Try to get yourself well organised, so you have a clear view of how you want the rest of this year to pan out. The clearer you are, the easier you will be able to deal with any obstacles or delays. Some of the challenges you meet may be tough, but they will make you stronger and more resolved.

Just remember, that whilst you may be feeling invincible, there is no room for impatience or cutting corners. In addition, don’t try to bluff your way ahead as you could come unstuck when your un-truths are discovered. Be true to yourself, be honest and take control of your destiny. Remember not to force things (everything happens at it’s own pace) and listen to your intuition. Life looks set to get a whole lot more rosy and fun, so ‘bring it on!’…


Your life has been one long series of ‘should I’s?’, ‘shouldn’t I’s?’, ‘what ifs?’, ‘if only’s…’ recently, and this has left you feeling quite ungrounded and unsettled. You have been pondering some important decisions, and seem to have decided that sitting on the fence, cogitating and contemplating, is a great way to avoid actually making your mind up. Well, in March, the heavens will actively encourage you to take some action in this regard. So, before your hand is ‘forced’ by fate, you may be wise to really consider what you want, and go for it.

With the Full Moon in your sign on the 11th, your emotional life is in strong focus. You have been aware of some feelings that have been surfacing lately, and have not yet fully explored why they are around you. The Full Moon is the time to go within to discover the cause of these emotions, and to release and let go of anything that may be holding you back.

With Saturn still retrograde in your sign, you should check that you are not being too self-critical or self-judgemental when it comes to your life. Saturn seems to be pushing you hard to succeed, and so you need to make sure that you give yourself a regular pat of the back for all the progress you are making.


You seem to have forgotten the annual service and maintenance of your most precious commodity. So much so, a little rust has appeared, a screw has become loose and that amazing shine is a little jaded. This commodity is of course your scales, and without these in full working order, life seems a little (or even a lot, hard to make even the most basic decisions!) out of balance. You feel rattled and tired, and whilst you struggle to contain the scales madly whizzing up and down, you have lost sight of your path ahead.

It is time to STOP! Breathe! Relax! To fix your scales is not so hard – just take a little time out, step back, see the bigger picture. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe. As soon as you calm yourself, and see that life is not quite as chaotic and manic as you fear, you can restore your scales to full working order, and get back in control once again.

March is a month to re-focus, re-energise and re-lax. The heavens are smiling upon you (okay they may be giggling at your expense), but as soon as you see that life is good, the path ahead is clear, and that you are back in control of your balance, then you can make the most of the wonderful opportunity which is about to come knocking…


You certainly seem to be in control this month, your confidence is soaring, and you are feeling adventurous when it comes to your vocation or career. There is an air of optimism and excitement around you, as your creativity continues to open up new doorways of opportunity to you. You are truly entering a new chapter in your life, and you have the chance to write the chapter outline – so do make the most of this.

Don’t be afraid to go after what you want in March, but do take the time to really consider what it actually is that you truly want though, because you might just get exactly what you wish for. So, make sure your desired outcome is clear and unambiguous – you have been warned…!

Relationships with those close are due for something of a rocky ride this month, as you are in a truth or nothing mood. You have a strong need to speak your mind, and whilst this may cause some tension, in the long run, it will clear the air immensely. Honesty certainly appears to be the best policy, but do remember to check all the facts first. You may thrive on the emotional peaks and troughs in relationships, but don’t get too addicted to this, as the emotional seas on the horizon look much calmer, fulfilling and tranquil.


Focus and determination are your key themes for March. If you are truly serious about making the changes you long for in life, you will need to be single-minded over the coming weeks. If you can manage to focus your mind on one key area this month, you will be taking some major steps towards stability and proving your worth. That lifestyle that you often dream about is within your reach, and now is the time to prove just how driven and in control of your life you actually are.

Somewhat paradoxically, March is also a month for movement, change and variety. You are feeling a little hemmed in with your life, and your need to spread your wings is getting stronger. Try not to act in a knee-jerk fashion though, think through your plans – are you truly trying to escape for the right reasons, or are you just trying to avoid facing up to something a little closer to home? It is not for me to say what exactly, but try to bear this in mind before you flee to pastures new.

So focus and determination, change and variety – only a Sagittarian could handle that! The way ahead is to keep one eye on the bigger picture, and the other on the way to get there. A word of warning though – variety does not mean distraction…


You are starting to see your life and your future much more clearly this month. Whilst you have been waiting for the right time to move forward, you need to take a little leap of faith in order to get the ball rolling. Once you have taken the first small step, help will come to you and the path ahead will be more clearly lit than the Blackpool Illuminations.

Having said this, you need to see March as more of a planning month than an action month, as tension seems to be around you (but not with you) for most of the month. Adopting a low profile would be a good idea, and it seems clear that you need a take a more Taoist approach to life – the path of least interference. Cultivate the art of letting of and stepping back, and if you can achieve this and ride the storm, then you will be in for a nice spell of plain sailing on silky smooth waters from late March onwards. In the meantime, just hang in there and look forward to the bright horizon that is speedily whizzing its way towards you.

There is a big decision looming, and this seems to feel heavy on your shoulders? Change is inevitable, and this feels like good change, a positive shift, so why the long face?


Despite the celestial dance of planets in Aquarius, and the dawning of a new phase of your life, you still seem hesitant, restricted, uncertain and restless about how to move forwards. You have a strong drive to enhance, expand and enrich your life, and you are well motivated and extremely enthusiastic. But at the same time you still have much doubt about your gifts and potential. At some level you seem to be hoping for a minor miracle to confirm to you that you are the special individual that you believe you are deep down.

For Heaven’s sake! How many miracles does one person need? The gathering of planets in Aquarius last month was nothing short of a miracle – a chance for you to finally see just how much potential you have. There is only so much reassurance that the Heavens can give you, the rest is up to you. Now is the time to believe in yourself, and to create your Utopian reality. So, take a little step, dip your toe into the world and GO FOR IT!

You have the keys to the self-imposed chains you have placed around your life. You have the mind to think creatively to create the reality you dream of. You have the ability to make a difference, to show the world your potential. So what are you waiting for?


Oops, hang on, almost forgot Pisces! As if, how could anyone forget Pisces? It’s just that Martyr complex of yours going to your head – ‘no one gets me, no one understands me, no one thinks about me, I give up everything for others…’ You need to try re-writing your inner dialogue this month, as you seem to be drawing yourself deeper and deeper into a self-negating and destructive pattern.

Those close to you are continuing to lean on you for support of the emotional kind this month, and whilst you know it is draining you, you carry on. You are a compassionate, giving and loving person – everyone knows that. But, you seem to have got a little confused and feel that the amount of support you give to others is directly proportionate to your worth as a human being. You may feel that to deny support is selfish, but you have needs as well you know! Encourage those close to be more independent, and encourage them to stand up for themselves – this will not only help to liberate them from your apron strings, but it will help you to stand in your own power more, to take a deep breath and to feel freedom.

March is a month for your own mini inner Revolution, it is time to be liberated, it is time to be free, and is time to finally follow your dreams…