It seems that the somewhat relentless flow of personal challenges are reaching a peak now, which is great news for many of us who are almost buckling under the pressure.

This has been a testing time, and it seems that by being gently ‘forced’ to cut out the inessential in our lives is paying off. Life is beginning to seem lighter now and more in focus. It’s not even that a sense of clarity has emerged; as for many of us the path ahead still seems vague and undefined (akin to someone trying to get a picture into focus – there are odd glimpses, but full 20/20 clarity has yet to be achieved).

What has become clear though, is a need to live consciously – a need to be truly alive and aware of ourselves and our nature. It is all too easy to get bogged down by life and the mundane, and when this routine gets ingrained, it can be hard to see anything other than the banal. It can be hard to see the myriad of rainbow colours, when we see the world in black and white.

Yet, this past few weeks has seen an increasing need to face life issues head on, to deal with the seemingly mundane in order to let go of the baggage which we all carry. Sometimes, it is easier to keep our heads buried in the sand in order to avoid the reality, which we have to face.

There is a growing sense of emotional tension both within and around us as each of us start to assert our true Selves out into the world. This may shock and surprise those close, but it seems that the time for bending ourselves out of shape has come to an end. It is a time to be true to our Selves – to be free from the baggage that holds us back and keeps us ‘in line’ with what’s expected of us.

It is time to travel lighter through life, and whilst this may involve embracing some harsh truths about others, and our Selves, it seems to be a necessary part of the journey.

What this past few weeks has clarified is a sense that by letting go of the inessential, we are able to put all of our heart and soul into achieving our dreams and finding the stillness within.

The external chaos is starting to have less and less effect on each of us, as we find inner clarity and guidance. This is not to say that the external world should be ignored, but we are all mirrors and our inner world reflects our state of being or reality into our outer worlds. The world is what we make it after all…