Digestion & Discretion…

Maybe the hardest lesson to learn at the moment is that whilst we all have friends and mentors to guide and support us on our journeys in life, it is time to realise that the journey each of us takes through life is unique. By all means listen to the words of others, but don’t be spoon-fed – we need to find out for ourselves, listen to our intuition and be guided by our higher Self. Like any student – regurgitating someone else’s words is empty and without meaning. The only true way to learn is to digest and form our own conclusions.

In this world of new-age spirituality, new ‘gurus’ are emerging all the time – new books and ‘channellings’, new mentors and people to lead the way. This has been the case throughout time, yet there is a risk that ego can become entangled in the mix and the root-cause of the ‘messages’ are lost.

It is hard to resist the power and joy that comes from being hero-worshipped or having a league of followers, yet only the true enlightened souls know that this misses the point. By all means, hand out advice, show new ideas or techniques, but then let them go – let them find their own ways.

We are human, and ego is part of the human condition. It is hard to avoid, but on the spiritual path it can become disillusioning or even dangerous.

It is similar with the many ‘new’ forms of healing emerging – my belief is maybe too simple for many, but I believe that healing is healing, and that Spirit is Spirit. It matters not how we choose to heal, but the reasons why we do it. If the intention is right, then the healing energy will flow. It is not necessary to keep up with the latest trends and learn every new technique and idea out there – after all these are simply the ideas of someone else who stepped back and listened to their intuition. So, why not find your own way?

The message seems clear: if we all step back and listen to our intuition and allow ourselves to be guided by the Divine energy that flows within us all, we will be shown the way. Our soul path is a personal journey; it is not about keeping up with trends, fitting in, or boosting our ego through hero worship. It is purely about our relationship with the Divine. At the end of the day, what else is there?

Over the coming weeks, the planets will start to show each of us the way forwards – we need to be ready to listen…