Become The Flow

  • Does a flower change the colour of its petals because it feels self-conscious or different? Unlikely.
  • Does a tree ever wonder if being an oak tree would be nicer than being an apple tree? Probably not.

As conscious human beings, we often look beyond nature’s laws and spend a great deal of our time trying to go against the flow of life. Life does have a flow; it is not always ‘love, light and bliss’, nor it is always ‘darkness and pain’. Most of us have our fair share of both.

We can try to change the flow, to slow it down or speed it up; we may even try to stop the flow completely or shift it into another valley or flood plain. What is wrong with the flow we are in now? Is the flow always more blissful on the other side of the fence? We may not feel that our lives are as blissful as we would like, but to constantly fight the flow is like fighting the essence of who we truly are.

This is not about giving up or being a victim to circumstance, far from it. This is about surrendering fully and consciously into the flow in order to fully awaken and find ourselves.

We can spend a great amount of time in life trying to control the flow, trying to avoid pain and trying desperately to cling to security. Yet, external security and outer manifestations of comfort rarely give us what we need. The security, bliss and joy we yearn for is much deeper, and much bigger, than this. Yet it is already within us, we do not need to seek it out or track it down, we need to surrender into the flow of our essence, to feel the pain, the joy and to live in the present moment. The past is long gone and the future has not happened yet; what we have is the present moment in time, and this is the most precious gift of all.

How many of us spend our lives thinking about our plans and dreams, feeling that we can achieve ‘a’ once we have achieved ‘b’? ‘B’ is very often along the lines of ‘once I have lost weight’, ‘once I have met the perfect partner’ or ‘once I have found the right home’. Yet, all of these are irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things, for it is our essence, our souls, that matter, and once we can live fully consciously in the present moment, we realise the true gift of our own magnificence.

Magnificence does not come from ego. It is not about being the best; it is about realising that we are magnificent beings, that we are a manifestation of the Divine. We are all Divine; it is not outside of us, it is within us. It is under that stone, it is within that tree and yes, it is also within those that do unspeakable things. Divinity is not a separate force that we have to seek out; we simply need to awaken, to become fully conscious in the present moment and breathe.

Once we can unify ourselves from within, we can see that we not only have the power to re-shape our lives, but we are already doing it!

Ever since we came into consciousness, we have been shaping and moulding our lives and our paths. Perhaps subconsciously, perhaps deliberately, but we have been using our power nonetheless. Making a step towards being fully conscious is significant now, for this is the path towards not only inner unification but global unification as well.

Everything in nature is not only around you, but it is within you. Sounds great, but what does it mean? It means that you are vast, you are Divine; you are the Universe. The Universe is you, The Universe is within you. Yes, The Universe (The Divine) is all around you too, but seeking this externally seems to leave emptiness, separation and suffering. Seeking and finding The Divine (The Universe) within brings love, bliss and completeness…

The more we can surrender to the flow and embrace our own magnificence and bliss, the more we will stop trying to bend ourselves out of shape to be something that we are not. Once again, this is not about giving up on dreams or goals: it is about embracing our completeness in order to live consciously. Living consciously enables us to reach towards our dreams with joy, bliss and belief. Feel the words. Feel the power. Become the power. Become the flow…