Chasing Rainbows

There is something of an epic battle going on deeply within; it seems that as we continue to awaken, we are touching clarity and divinity with one hand but facing challenges, doubt and fear with the other. Our faith keeps us strong (most of the time!), but there are moments when faith melts away leaving uncertainty and confusion to rule the roost.

Intuitively we realise that this is all a part of the journey of awakening, but the reality of living with it can be somewhat harder to embrace. Of course, whilst we want to be serene and walk in grace, that little whisper in our ear that is a master doubter can chip away at our belief and our trust.

It can be hard to stomach love and light when they come crashing in on the rocks of our reality and it can be so difficult to accept that yet more shifts are on the path ahead. As we gaze forward, we could be forgiven for feeling a sense of dread at the rocky path with waves crashing in from both sides; whilst we can see the tranquil beauty of where we are heading, the path to get there feels relentlessly unforgiving.

Yet, perhaps this is more about perception than reality? Perhaps we need to shift from trying to get to where we want to be to simply being it now, in the present moment? When we see life as challenging, the walls can come in on us making it feel hard to breathe or move, but if we step back and realise that we are already Divine, then everything changes, for we are no longer chasing rainbows that never seem to arrive, but we are choosing to step fully and consciously into the present moment.

So, whilst we may feel energetically (emotionally, physically and even spiritually) squeezed, twisted and wrung out, the more we can lean into this, the more we can begin to merge consciously with the Whole and realise that our divinity is the force that defines us; our link with the Divine validates us and completes us, for the Divine is not an outside force, the Divine is within our hearts and souls; it is us.  Every breathe we take is a reflection of our Divinity and once we can embrace this, our perception of the crashing waves starts to shift and soften.

This is a time of great change and release, and we have now reached a stage where facing Truth can lead us away from the crashing waves in order to find balance in the present moment. The distant Utopia may be appealing and beautiful, but what’s important is what is happening now. The more we focus on the future and on what may or may not happen, and the more we see Utopia as some distant dream, the more we deplete our reserves and the further we step away from the Divine.

We now need to change the storylines and let go of the beliefs that hold us in fear, doubt and uncertainty.  It is the storylines and beliefs that can leave us feeling like life is spinning madly and wildly out of control; we can feel alienated from the world and from our Selves as we lose sight of our strength and Divinity, and let doubt chip away at every building block of life.

It seems time now to step into the battleground within in order to face the residual issues that we may have thought had long been resolved. Some of these will inevitably be thrown into our awareness and line of vision, for the need to find inner peace is the force driving us now; therefore, if we choose not to ‘see’ these issues, life will find a way of making us see them. There is no more sand left to bury one’s head, for the waves have washed it all away leaving the rocks exposed and the fractures clear to see.

Of course, this sounds as though there are some deep cracks within, and for some, this could be the case. However, for so many of us, these cracks are little nudges and reminders to heal, release and let go of everything that no longer serves us in life.

Seeking out peace within is a powerful process; it is a sign that we are no longer seeking external validation or becoming overwhelmed by fear or doubt, and it shows that we are opening up to the amazing and wonderful Truth of vibrant and conscious living. Such a path doesn’t magic away the challenges, but it helps us to see that every challenge and every battle helps to shape us into the compassionate and Divine soul that intuitively we know is our true nature…