Hidden Treasures

As the pace of awakening quickens, there is a growing feeling of pressure to go within to force open closed doors and expose hidden treasures. There is a feeling of impatience to get from where we are now to where we want to be, for the ‘in-between’ stage feels arduous, overwhelming and confusing. Yet, we are in this stage for a reason, so is forcing the process really the best choice?

Whilst we are keen to fully awaken and evolve, sometimes we need to trust the path of evolution and accept that forcing the process can set us back rather than enhance the process. Of course, we are keen to be liberated and free, but we need to trust our intuition to let us know when the time comes to act.

It we continue to push and prod, we could end up creating fractures within that serve no real purpose other than to make life feel more incongruent and imbalanced. Whilst inner healing and soul-level cleansing is good, we can become so focused on this that we forget to get on with life at the same time.

The emotions are a wonderful part of life, for they are joy, passion and happiness; but they can also be challenging and arduous in the form of anger, fear, grief and sadness. Whilst our emotions play a lead role in our lives, it is important to remember that we are not our emotions; if we become consumed by emotion (positive or otherwise), we run the risk of becoming intoxicated by it and, in time, we become that emotion. If we become an emotion, it begins to take hold as it controls our thoughts, actions and choices in life. When an emotion takes over, we can begin to live out certain storylines or fears in repeating cycles and patterns, and we can slowly lose sight of our Truth and essence.

Yet, whilst we are not our emotions, they bring life context and depth, but we are so much more than this. It is so easy to become enslaved by the power and force of emotions from both ends of the spectrum, for they have strength and energy, but unless we step back from being consumed by feelings, then we run the risk of losing ourselves completely. Whilst standing in Truth is never easy, it is essential so that we can see emotions as transient, and rather than becoming consumed by them, we can allow them to ebb and flow like the tide. It is only when we stand true and become conscious and mindful of our emotional comings and goings that we can begin to re-centre and re-balance.

When our emotions take centre stage and begin to take hold, our thoughts, choices and actions in life can become shaped by the emotion in control. This takes us further away from Truth and further away from Self, for we are not centred if a particular emotion is ruling the roost. Of course, it is easy to say ‘be mindful and observe the emotions’, but somewhat harder to maintain such a stance, for life can be tough! Yet, with practice and dedication, perseverance and faith, it is possible to find a path to Truth that enables us to experience the richness of emotions but without allowing them to take over.

There can be no denying the importance of emotional richness, and the significance of the emotions shouldn’t be down-graded, but it is important to find a context and realise that without balance, it is all too easy to become lost as the path to joy comes from living consciously and living in Truth.

So forcing or fracking* the emotions to the surface, whilst cathartic, can ultimately lead to imbalance, for creating fractures can lead to a feeling of disconnection rather than a feeling of connection and Wholeness. Going within, illuminating the inner world and forcing it out into the light can help us to break free from pain and patterns, but unless it is done with love and strength, the process feels forceful and almost violent.

It therefore seems important to find a balance between living, inner work and the emotions, in order to live the best life possible. Whilst there will inevitably be days when the emotions stand strong; with dedication and mindfulness, it is possible to reach a stage of awakened awareness where we stand in Truth, feel the richness of the emotions and remain centred at all times…

*Fracking is a process used by oil companies to inject high pressure into the earth in order to extract gas or other substances for commercial gain.