Coming, Going or Somewhere In Between?

It seems that there are days that feel overwhelming and days that feel distinctly underwhelming, but most other days are spent trying to find balance as we oscillate between the two. We are in a state of flux and shift, and at the moment we seem predominantly focused on trying to find balance and remain steady as wave after wave of new energy and new consciousness floods the earth. Understandably we can feel empowered and focused one day, but then lost and confused the next, but without really knowing why. Such rapid shift is intense, but it seems necessary now as we shake up all that we know in order to find Truth.

It is all too easy to feel disempowered and teasy* during such radical change, for we can feel frustrated and thwarted as we try to get from where we are now to where we want to be. There is a sense of breakthrough though as many of us are beginning to see over the fence to pastures new; and we can see, smell, taste and even touch our dreams. Yet, to know where we want to be and to see it is still not quite the same as living it and being it, for until we live it fully we cannot be free of where we are now.

In other words, if we focus on our dreams, our present doesn’t simply evaporate, for we remain in the present moment (there is no escaping that!) so we need to move our awareness fully back into the present moment in order to re-centre. Whilst we may be lucky enough to know what we want from life, it is what we have now that is important. Of course, we may not have the life that we want, but it is the life that we have, and we cannot simply forget this as we head towards pastures new.

We are all creators, and how we think and feel shapes our lives, but when we see the future more readily than the present, we need to ask ourselves what we are running from. Are we trying to escape the reality of the present moment because it simply doesn’t serve our highest good any longer, or are we trying to run from the present because the feelings are too intense and uncomfortable? Either way, it seems important to acknowledge the present moment, not as a way of ignoring where we want to be, but as a way of bringing ourselves more to life so that we can live a more conscious and enriched existence. If we spend our lives chasing all the time, how can we find stillness and balance within? How can we touch happiness or bliss if we spend our lives running for the hills?

In some ways, this all boils down to how we think about life. Do we feel like pawns in a Universal game of chess, feeling powerless to bring about change?  So many see the obstacles and limitations around and wear them as badges, partly to justify being stuck but partly to hide behind them (avoiding the fear of the unknown etc.). After a while, the challenges become the force that shapes life, and with each passing day, the world feels smaller somehow. Yet, it is our circumstances and our challenges that carry the greatest gifts in life, for they reveal our strengths and our true character, and they remind us that we do not have to remain powerless victims of circumstance.

Life can be tough, it can be hard, and yes, sometimes indescribably bad things happen; but  we have a choice. We can let such events define us and take control, or we can lean into these experiences to find our Selves. Whilst we cannot always stop or change the course of events in life, we do have a choice as to how we deal with them. We can find ourselves or lose ourselves, we can acknowledge the pain or deny it, and we can run away or walk right through.

Of course, such experiences can bring anger, fear, denial, pain, rage and so much else to the surface, and these can consume and take over if we allow them to. All these feelings are valid and need acknowledging, but it is important not to give them power, for that depletes us on so many levels.

Life events and circumstances make up a part of who you are, but they do not make you nor do they complete you (but we each have a choice in this regard). In many ways they play the role of ‘button presser’, for they reveal you to you. In other words, they shine a light within and show you the Truth of who you are.

It is time to realise that our life is our own and taking ownership of this may feel daunting, but at the end of the day, until we take responsibility and let go of the crutches, the excuses, the obstacles and the fears, then we can never be fully alive; for in order to live life fully, we need to accept responsibility for the choices we make. Whilst we walk the path with others at our sides, we need to be accountable to ourselves and stop seeking others to blame when things go wrong. We need to stop being dependent on others to lead the way or to take responsibility for our choices.

Life is a gift, and in order to live it to the best of our abilities, we need to choose to be fully alive and conscious in the present moment. This may invoke fear and anxiety, but when we move beyond the fear and step fully into the magnificent flow of living consciously, then we realise that we are Whole. When we are Whole, everything changes, for fear no longer has a hold over us, and we move effortlessly into the role of creator as we re-shape our lives from the inside, out.

With so much happening on so many different levels, it is no wonder that we are feeling discombobulated and teasy, frustrated and uneasy! Yet, at the same time, when we are honest and open, and acknowledge these feelings and we somehow feel more balanced and centred. Of course, riding the currents of such unpredictable shift is not easy, but if we can live more consciously in the present moment, embrace ourselves as creators, accept responsibility for life, and realise that our life experiences bring us strength, then we can begin to regain our sense of Self and feel less like bits of driftwood on stormy seas. When we become One within, we become One with the flow and with everything both within and around us…

*Cornish for irritable (thank you Fiona!)