A New Consciousness

As we continue to open up our hearts, minds and souls to the process of conscious living, we are beginning to feel the myriad of shifts and changes in a new way. It seems that the more we step into the ebb and flow of change and make the choice to awaken, the more we become aware of the subtle energies and insights that are flooding into consciousness; this awareness enables each of us to let go of resistance and move more naturally with the rapid pace of change.

We are being challenged on many levels to let go, to face our fears, to heal and to become Whole, and whilst this can keep us locked in cycles and patterns of doubt and angst, at the same time we are opening up to a new level of awareness that rides above the angst and keeps us fully awakened and connected to Self. As a result, it is becoming easier to step through the fear and embrace Truth and Love, for these lie at the heart of everything.

Truth is a funny thing, for there can be no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, for it is personal to each and every one of us. Whether or not we agree with another’s ‘Truth’ is a different matter entirely, but this is not the focus of these words today.

We are all unique beings and we vibrate on different levels and different frequencies. Of course, we have the commonality of being human, but we are not the same, for whilst together we make up the Whole, each of us has a unique role to play within the vast panorama of the Universe. Yet, so many of us cling to the ‘Truth’s’ of others as goal posts or sign posts in the path of life, and whilst there is no doubt that we can all receive gems of wisdom and nuggets of knowledge from the experiences of others, at the same time, we must be prepared to open up to finding our own Truth, for it is this that will ultimately guide us forward in life, and beyond.

Love is often misunderstood, but it is a powerful Universal force that shapes and defines so much. In a way, Love overrides Truth, for without Love, how can we understand or accept Truth? Love is more than words; it is a way of being and a way of living. Love opens up our hearts, minds and souls to being human, to being spirit and to being Whole, for it is the energy that connects us and brings us together; Love is the force that inspires us and empowers us. Of course, such a force can also lead to discord and anger, for many get lost in power games and denial, but, at the end of the day, Love is the inspiration to bring us back to Self, to the Divine and to Wholeness.

So, as we continue to ride the waves of change, we are stepping ever closer to Truth and Love, and this feels exciting, inspiring, life affirming, but a little nerve wracking, at the same time.

We are now being challenged to go deeply within to face our ‘demons’ and to let go of fear; fear comes in all shapes and sizes, and if left unacknowledged or unresolved, it can fester and turn toxic. This toxicity can lead to a kind of energetic paralysis that binds us to fear and keeps us frozen and immobile, unable to move and afraid of life.

Intuitively we know that we need to face these fears to heal and become Whole, but when fear has such a powerful hold over us, it can be hard to find the path to freedom. The harder we look and the more we fight, the more confused we seem to grow, and it seems that we now need to stop pushing fear away as some ‘dark’ or unwanted power, and instead bring it back into our hearts with love.

Fear is akin to our inner child or inner Self cowering in a corner, afraid to face one or many aspects of life; using this image, we can see that the way to overcome this is to step gently within and take the hand of our inner child, embrace them and shower them with love. Fighting or conquering the fear won’t make it go away, but loving the force behind the fear can change its shape, and, with time, the fear vanishes.

Many of us spend our lives in a consciousness of fear and eventually it becomes the force that defines us. We push it away trying desperately to find bliss, but it is the act of pushing it away that takes us even further from what we seek. It isn’t easy embracing or loving fear, but the only way to step beyond it is to acknowledge it and set it free. The more we fight it, the bigger it becomes, and like the monster in the proverbial wardrobe, we get lost in the battle and lose sight of the bigger picture. We placed the monster in the wardrobe and we have the choice of setting it free, but doing so with Love enables us to reconnect to our power and our Truth as we step closer to Self in the process.

So, as we continue to embrace the concept of living consciously, it seems clear we need to break these cycles and patterns once and for all, for living free is the path to living consciously…