Dazzled by Dragonflies…

The Dragonfly has been on my mind a lot this past week. Of course, this is not because they are around as it is the wrong time of year, but I have been seeing them in meditation, and thinking of them whilst writing and working.

They have only a short time in flight after they reach adult phase – a few days. But they certainly make the most of this! It’s speed, colour and agility, makes this little wizard a magnificent totem.

Dragonfly has a strong connection to the air – simply because of its ability to hover and play with air currents. If you stop for a moment to gaze at the dragonfly – it has quickly moved on – darting around – no apparent pattern or rhythm to it’s movements.

The myriad of dazzling colours along with the magical buzz of its wings makes the Dragonfly quite a mystical and mysterious insect.

The Dragonfly has a strong spiritual energy – it is believed that Dragonflies have the ability to travel between worlds and dimensions. Its wings beat so fast – we cannot see them – it helps us to perceive what is real and what is not. Dragonfly invokes a strong psychic ‘buzz’ for those connected to it.

Dragonfly also helps us to let go of the past – very important for 2009. This is a major step along the pathway towards enlightenment or ascension, and is vital if we are to bring down the illusions we have created for ourselves and the world. Therefore Dragonfly also helps us to see Truth.

This powerful little totem usually comes at times of change and transformation – it is quite a restless and uncertain energy – but Dragonfly medicine is powerful and if handled well can lead to wonderful magic in life.