Mercury Retrograde

Well, here we are again, Little Mercury is in a retrograde phase. This current phase started on the 11th January 2009 and lasts until the 1st February 2009. This is the first of four retrograde phases this year. Most years we see three, but in 2009 and 2010 there are four in each year.

Another interesting pattern emerges with the first three Mercury Retrograde phases all starting in air signs, and ending in Earth signs. The fourth both starts and ends in earth.

This first and current retrograde phase with Mercury gives us the opportunity to reflect on our thoughts as well as explore the way we think. This will stand us in good stead for the rest of the year. We often think in negatives – ‘I can’t’, ‘yeah, but’, ‘life is hard’, ‘nothing is easy’, ‘I am fat/skinny/poor’ and the list goes on…

As like attracts like, it is therefore not surprising that negative thinking attracts negative results ‘life is hard’ – this maybe true, but by making this judgement we create a dynamic to make life hard. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Retrograde phases of any planet internalises its energy; and by taking it within we can start to understand ourselves better.

2009 is a year to make change, to be true to ourselves in every way. So, Mercury wants us to change the way we think as well. Think positive, think abundance, think joy, think love.

Three out of four retrograde phases of Mercury in the same year in Air places a very strong emphasis on the mind. This is no coincidence. All four phases are in earth as well – earth is about the physical. The world around us is changing, and the recession is making us change the way we think about stuff! Stuff and consumerism has to change, less is more, stuff does not mean happiness, joy or abundance – it is just a way to fool ourselves into thinking we ‘have it all’. Well we don’t – Mercury wants us to find fulfilment from within – to think about our lives, the world, and the way in which we live.

Mercury Retrograde can cause chaos with communications, contracts and other administrative issues – but try not to get too wrapped up in these – try to see the bigger picture instead. In any challenge or obstacle, look for a positive. Find things to be grateful for everyday.

The solar eclipse/new moon on the 26th January marks the Chinese New Year – this is the best day to make resolutions this year. Make the most of this day to find positives, to look ahead – not back, and to see the joy in life.