December 2019 Forecast

Message for December 2019

As life continues to bounce and ricochet each of us around like a squash ball on double espressos, there is an understandable sense of soul-level weariness rising up from deep within. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there seems to be a palpable and tangible rise in pain, not only within me, but more noticeably within the hearts and souls of just about everyone I come into contact with. It’s as though the filters that once closed the curtains to many of our troubles have fallen away and left us naked, exposed and vulnerable.

The intensity of the emotions howling through me have taken my breath away at times as I’ve suddenly found myself thrown into a pit of intense and profound insights. It feels as though every single one of my senses has been turned up and the volume of the world has been put on maximum so there’s no shutting it out. Yet, my own experiences seem to pale into insignificance when I see the agony and distress within others. I want to reach out to help, to hold their hand, to say it will be okay, but words and platitudes aren’t enough, as there’s a need to give 100%, to dive in and be there with them, but no one truly has the capacity for that at the moment.

This ongoing exposure to such intensity is causing many souls to buckle and break under the pressure; looking around it feels like something of an emotional and spiritual wasteland of broken souls, each one facing their own depths and on a quest for peace and release. However, rising up from the core of this pain is a beautiful and breath-taking energy of clarity, peace and tranquility. When we’re going through the pain, it’s hard to see that it will pass, but intuitively we know it will.

Some of us cannot sense this transience, so it’s important (if we’re able) to offer a supportive hand if needed, as none of us are in this alone. We each need to accept that we cannot fix others, as this is a time to face ourselves and the depths within in order to find our own resources and strength. For many healers and intuitive souls, this feels deeply counter-intuitive as there is a desire to take away the pain we see in the eyes of others and to soothe their distress, but this seems to be more of a time for more introspection and self-compassion than a time for rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in.

Of course, when we’re standing in exquisite pain and the world seems to be ploughing chaotically on, it’s easy to feel disconnected and alone, as though we’re the only ones feeling this pain and everyone else is carrying on as though nothing has happened. Of course, logically we know this isn’t true, but when the intense emotions rampage through our hearts and souls it’s easy to feel overcome and submerged by the constant ebb and flow of the tides of life.

We are living in a world of uncertainty and turbulence, and although we’re all feeling the effects of this in all areas of our lives, it seems to be being felt most acutely from within. Sometimes the pain we feel is so intense it feels like we’re being ripped in two, so it’s hard to feel a sense of ‘it’s ok, it will pass’, but it will pass, just like the night moves to day, it will pass. Of course, knowing this doesn’t help much when we’re in the grip of a crisis of pain and intense emotion, but this is a chapter of re-birth of epic proportions and it’s stirring up a great deal in the process. It’s a means to an end, an essential process of this journey of self-discovery that we all find ourselves on.  We are moving towards calmer seas and a more tranquil way of living and being, it just takes a ride through this storm to get there…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to find new ways to connect to your true sense of self, there is a growing realisation rising up from deep within your heart and soul that’s inspiring you to expand your horizons and seek out new goals. Even when life’s been challenging, your inspiration has remained well-illuminated; it’s the shining light that guides you through the dark nights, and it’s the force that enables you to live your life in the best possible ways. Your inspiration fires up your courage and strength, encouraging you to reach beyond your comfort zone towards pastures new and you intuitively sense the warmth rising up from within that lets you know you are on the right track.

In many ways, your inspiration has allowed you to see outside of the box in order to connect to your true sense of self, yet there is a part of you still wondering what exactly that means. It’s not a trick question, but there’s a little voice in your head that’s so focused on keeping on keeping on that you feel exploring your true essence is a bit self-indulgent, hence the hesitation. However, intuitively you know how important it is to live your life in tune with your spirit as you thrive on spontaneity, free will and creative endeavours. In some ways this is head versus heart, a conundrum of being you, but it’s really not that complex as, despite the humdrum of daily life, your spirit still dances freely, inspiring you to look at the bigger picture, to believe in yourself and to let your true colours shine brightly and freely. It’s time now to intensify that inner focus in order to see your life from a brand-new perspective…


As you continue to go through a period of inner change and shift, there is a sense that December looks set to be a month for letting go as you begin to create some much-needed, and highly hoped-for, breathing space. You seem ready to acknowledge the patterns and cycles you now find yourself in, and you also seem open-hearted towards acknowledging your true needs, wants and dreams in life. As a result, you are beginning to see ways in which you can break free from some of these cycles in order to create a brand-new way of living and being. Of course, not all of these cycles are detrimental or negative, some are positive and encourage growth and evolution, however there are others that deplete and drain you, and they represent a kind of ‘stuck-ness’ in your life.

This ‘stuck-ness’ is a reluctance to break free from these cycles as they’ve become familiar and comfortable; it’s only human to do this, after all, we all tend to crave routine and stick to what we know as it brings a sense of security and reassurance. Yet, you no longer seem content with this as a strategy in life and feel ready to find new ways to thrive. It’s not always easy for you to think about your own needs as you spend so much of your time trying to be everything to everyone else and you often bend yourself out of shape in the process. December looks set to be a time for you to acknowledge your true worth and to shine a light of self-compassion towards your heart and soul. You seem ready now to reclaim some breathing space as you embark on an exciting new journey of discovery…


December looks set to be a period of whole-hearted shift in your life as you step beyond the bewildering maze of confusion, and stop trying so hard to make sense of why things are the way they are. Of course, you will never stop questioning as it’s in your DNA, but your determined drive to answer all of life’s puzzles has, at times, held you back from living your life fully in the present moment. The maze of confusion isn’t really that much of a maze; whilst you may sometimes feel like it’s walls are towering around you, when you take a deep breath, you realise that the maze is simply a construct of your intuitive mind trying to shape, define and make sense of your experiences. The maze isn’t a dark force or a challenge to overcome, it’s more a force to love as it’s a part of you; it’s your way of understanding life.

You created the maze as a way to view the world, as a result, you can uncreate the maze as well; this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, but the principle stands firm. Intuitively you have always had something of an inner battle raging between your head and your heart, and the more you’ve struggled to make sense of life, the higher the maze walls have grown as you have perceived towering obstacles which are, in fact, teeny-weeny little bumps in the road. Perception matters, and it’s time now for you to heal the chasm within forged by the discord between heart and soul as you realise life is not about feeling lost in a towering maze, but more about living joyfully in each and every moment…


As you continue to contemplate your gifts and dreams, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a growing sense of expansion and anticipation rising up from deep within your heart and soul. It’s hard to articulate as it still feels quite nebulous and out of reach, but there are inklings of change and self-discovery, with a smattering of creativity and innovation. It’s as though you have reached a crossroads in your life, and instead of seeing the four obvious options (forwards, left, right and backwards), you are also aware of the options of upwards, downwards, diagonally and even standing still. In other words, you are thinking outside the box in order to find a new way of living your life that feels enriching, rewarding and inspirational.

You have spent such a lot of time and energy on trying to get life ‘right’ and trying to keep on keeping on as best as you can, as a result, you seem to have lost sight of the grand storyline of your life. When you step back to see the bigger picture, you would be forgiven for not really recognising the life you’re living as it wasn’t the life you dreamed of. Now this doesn’t mean that you’re not happy, it’s just an observation as to how much you’ve meandered over time. Of course, we all meander as that’s a part of life, but there’s a sense that you’ve sacrificed a great deal trying to live the most ‘right’ life you can. Your own needs, wishes and desires seem to have taken a back seat and it’s time now for you to reclaim these in order to change the storyline as you re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


As you continue to shape and hone your dream, there’s a sense that you are opening up to living more open-heartedly and in accordance to your true essence. The concept of reaching the horizon, or ‘over there’, is changing as you are allowing yourself to re-define your true needs and goals. So, instead of focusing so much energy on trying to get from here to there, you are beginning to feel comfortable in the here and now, acknowledging everything you do have rather than feeling a sense of lack for not yet reaching your horizon ‘over there’. As you know, ‘over there’ constantly shifts and changes as you are a moveable and fluid force; your rapid evolution can make for some confusion, but it also allows you to see the wisdom in changing your mind or shifting your direction.

It’s time now to open up to your full potential, to connect to your creativity and spirituality in order to live a more fulfilling life. Whilst your journey from here to there will always be ongoing, it’s time to accept the inevitable twists and turns in the path as you find real value from the here and now, and you stop focusing so hard on the gap between where you are and where you want to be and instead choose to live wholeheartedly in each and every moment. This doesn’t mean you need to stop dreaming or having goals, nor does it mean that you should stop evolving or exploring, it simply means a willingness for you to embrace the moment and realise that you are absolutely enough, exactly as you are. In other words, love yourself, honour yourself and be here now…


There is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about your life at the moment, a sense of not quite being able to put your finger on the subtle shifts occurring deep within the core of your being; you are aware of the ripples but can’t make sense of what they mean. Although you accept the ever-changing landscape of shift in life, there is a part of you slightly irked by this uncertainty as you seem eager to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into something new. Whilst your enthusiasm is plentiful, it seems wise to bide your time until clarity surfaces as it’s hard to know where to direct your energies if no direction has yet been identified.

You are still trying to find a sense of balance between the more ordered side of your nature and your free spirit, and it seems likely that the more you find a sense of inner balance, the more will surface in terms of what happens next. In other words, it seems important to focus on achieving inner peace and harmony rather than trying to race ahead, eager to explore something new. Everything in its own time, and all that. Of course, asking you not to contemplate what these ripples of change means is a bit like asking the day to stop tuning into night, but there is a need for you to stop pushing quite so hard as this chapter of inner shift looks set to draw back the curtains to reveal a brand-new perspective in your life. You are a wise and intuitive soul, so tap into your gifts and nurture them as you prepare to set sail for pastures new…


As the theme of self-compassion continues to take centre stage in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to carve out a new philosophy for living your life. It’s as though you have shifted your focus away from the details and back to the bigger picture as you contemplate new ways to live wholeheartedly and openheartedly. You have spent a great deal of time trying to make sense of life, trying to understand why a plus b equals c, and wondering what truly makes you tick. You have never been afraid to dive in and ask some intense and profound questions of yourself, wanting to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. You have turned to face the mirror of your soul and felt able to perform an honest critique of yourself and your life, and that takes great courage!

You have also contemplated the fabric of existence and seen the myriad of threads that weave and twist everything together, enabling you to see, hear, feel and sense far more than most. Your intuitive prowess and creative know-how are certainly not in doubt, but there is a sense that you sometimes focus so hard on trying to make sense of it all that you can forget to get on with the business of living your life. This is where the self-compassion comes in, as there’s a need for you to turn that enquiring, inquisitive nature towards finding new ways to live your life that nourish and nurture you from the inside, out. You are a loving, gentle and compassionate soul, but this often gets lost in the haze of heady exploration of life. It’s time now to embrace your tender and compassionate side in order to live more simply, joyfully and with love…


As you continue to de-clutter and cleanse your life from the inside, out, there is a sense that you are sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to those aspects of your life that nourish you and those that don’t. Whilst you’ve always had a good idea as to what nurtures you and what doesn’t, it’s been hard to create change as your life seems so full of responsibilities, ought’s, must’s and should’s, and you’ve felt weighed down and tethered. Although, as a free spirit, you have never been one to conform to the ‘norm’, over time you have collected a whole host of things to do, people to see, places to go and responsibilities to carry. Whilst this is an inevitable part of being human, you seem to have almost over-sacrificed your own needs and sense of self in the process which has left you feeling disconnected and discombobulated.

December looks set to be a month to breathe deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe deeply into you; it’s time to seek out a more untethered life. Whilst there will always be some ought’s and must’s, there also needs to be room for your free spirit to dance and wiggle freely as you need some much-needed breathing and creative space. This is about using your wisdom and intuition to make more informed choices about how to make the most of the gifts you have, and, at the same time, there’s a need for you to better manage the essential ‘chaff’ whilst letting go of the rest. Shaking yourself free may feel radical or even extreme, but remember this is an energetic exercise first, physical last. Let your intuition guide you as you dance free…


December looks set to be a month for flourishing, thriving and blossoming as you reach an important new chapter in your life. This feels as much about decisions and choices as it does about actions, as there’s a sense of a renewed passion rising up from within you, reclaiming your spark, fizz and spontaneous flair. You have always been a dreamer, and many of your dreams have been BIG, but life has often got in the way, either slowly chipping away at them or arriving with a wrecking ball to thwart you completely. As a result, your dreams have shrunk proportionately as your spark and fizz has faded. Of course, these are not lost, just tamed to a more pedestrian, humdrum way of living and being. Yet, you are neither pedestrian nor humdrum, you are courageous, bold and passionate with a quest to let your true essence flow as freely as possible.

It seems that life has, over time, caused your sparkle to dull a little as you have found the effort to sustain your free spirit a little too taxing and arduous. It’s as though you have felt like you’re on the leading edge of a crest of a wave that’s heading to pastures new, but the currents are opposing you, making the journey choppy and hard work. As a fluid soul, it may feel against the grain to keep going even though you intuitively know you are heading in the right direction, but it’s important to trust your intuition to guide you. Sometimes, it is right to stop pushing, but not always. It’s time now to let your dreams grow once again as you let your spark, fizz and effervescence rise up with child-like enthusiasm as you reach for the stars and love yourself for twinkling as brightly as possible…


With change on the horizon, there is a sense that you are growing even more weary of the constant shift, movement and tide changes. Whilst you’re very accepting of the inevitability of change, you feel like you have given so much of yourself to this process over recent weeks and months (even years) and you’ve had enough of it. This is certainly true, but it’s important to acknowledge just how much you have grown and blossomed in this time; it’s not been a slog for nothing, as you are just not the same person you once were. Whilst you may argue this to be true for everyone, this is not about them, it’s about you! Yes, you are open-minded, but you are also stubborn and immovable when you set your mind to it. So although you know you’ve shifted, it’s easy for you to ignore this in favour of resisting it as it somehow feels more satisfying. Your complexity is beyond explanation!

December looks set to be a month marking an important choice point in your life as you can choose to either ride the waves of change or dig your heels in and resist. Although the waves will inevitably shift you whatever your decision, surely it’s better to go willingly and consciously in order to make the most of this opportunity? No one can truly know what’s around the next corner, but there’s a sense of expansion around you now as the door on your path ahead starts to open towards your dreams. It may only be ajar at the moment, but an open door is an open door. What happens next is in your very capable and wise hands…


As you continue to focus on the bigger picture of your life, there is a sense that you are finding new ways to ground yourself more consciously in the present moment. You are more aware of every sound, smell, sight and thought, as though you are seeing the world with a renewed sense of awareness. As a result, you have a clearer knowledge of the decisions and choices now before you. You have reached something of a tipping point in terms of what happens next, as whilst you haven’t, as yet, made any firm decisions, your intuition is already leading the way, so you have started moving towards something new even though you’re not overtly aware of what it is. Your consciousness has always been at least one step ahead of life, and this usually serves you extremely well as it goes beyond your busy mind, giving your intuition the room to expand and manoeuvre freely.

Sometimes you’re aware of your intuition at work, other times it comes as a complete surprise to you as it seems to creep up from nowhere. However whichever way it appears, your intuition is the force that guides you so well through life and you would be wise to pay more attention to it as it has a clear idea of the path that’s opening up before you.  December looks set to be a time for focusing your awareness more squarely into this moment as your life is on the edge of a major period of expansion and growth.  Whilst expansion may bring the unknown right to the doorstep of your soul, there is a sense that you are more than ready now to walk towards something exciting, fresh and new…


There are times in your life where you want nothing more than to pull up the drawbridge to your soul in order to rest gently in the depths of your own space and consciousness without feeling the constant pull of those around you. You are such an open soul, it’s hard to know where you end and where others begin and, as a result, you can end up unable to gain a true or strong sense of self. You seem weary of giving so much to others, particularly as they are finding it so easy to take; it’s not always selfishness on their part, it’s just that they somehow seem to reflect a deep need within yourself to take care of everyone. It seems important that you take some time now to contemplate the reasons why you find it so hard to draw boundaries; it’s not that you should be an island, but no one can take an almost constant drain on their reserves from others as you give and they take.

You are a courageous and brave soul, but you often doubt these qualities in yourself. However, these are both in need now as you learn how to stand up and say ‘No!’. At the same time, know that you do not have to stand alone, nor do you have to feel that you have to single-handedly save the world, you need to let others in and learn how to let go. In fact, when you step more consciously towards your heart and soul, you will begin to see the patterns of your life revealing the bigger picture. Truth isn’t always easy to see, but it’s time now for you to rest gently in your own depths and to live a more enriching and self-compassionate life…