I am Infinite Potential

This is a time for connecting to the power and intention behind our thoughts, beliefs and affirmations. The ways in which we think are becoming increasingly important as we realise that we do shape our own lives. Our thoughts and beliefs play a huge role in creating our realities, as does the energy or power behind those thoughts and beliefs.

However, what exactly does this mean, what does it imply? For a great many of us, we know the power of thought, we know that self-degradation, self-criticism, self-judgement is not terribly healthy, but how many of us are still guilty of doing it (hands up!). This is part of being human, perhaps it comes from the desire to be better and to do more or perhaps it comes from simply not feeling good enough?

Even when we do start to make changes about how we think, we might create some affirmations or positive statements such as ‘I love myself’, ‘I honour myself’, ‘I cherish myself’. Yet, it is all too easy to speak empty words, how many of us truly feel these words, feel their power and their energy?

We are going through a time of rapid change of every level of our Beings, and it is all too easy to get lost in the currents, to lose sight of ourselves, our thoughts, our beliefs, our paths. At the same time, we can struggle against the currents, pushing towards goals or dreams which may, as yet, still be beyond our reach. Yet it is so hard to stand firm, to stay put like a buoy on a stormy sea. And who is to say that being a buoy is the right thing to do? Perhaps we should surrender completely to the flow and allow the currents to take us to where they want us to be…

When we look deeper though, the chaos and turbulence begins to melt away. When we explore our inner landscapes, we can see a tranquil pool, peaceful and still. We can choose to move beyond the chaos and confusion to this tranquillity. It takes effort and practice, but it is possible.

It seems that we currently have a choice to battle it out on the surface, dealing with the myriad of challenges being thrown around and struggling to stay afloat or we connect to our core’s and allow the tranquillity to give us strength and guidance. We still have those challenges to face but from that more peaceful place, we can gain clarity, vision, strength and wisdom and act from the heart, from the truest place and not be pushed into action through fear, panic or outside pressure.

Whilst connecting within, the power of our thoughts and beliefs becomes even clearer. We can begin to see exactly how we shape our lives, how our thoughts either enhance or erode. Once mindful of this, we can change them!!

This is a time now to not only re-shape our thoughts and our lives, but to re-connect to the power within. It is a time to feel the power, energy and intention of our beliefs and to know that when we truly believe, we can create positive change. Life happens, s**t happens, but this is what makes us human, isn’t it? Although, if we can keep on keeping on despite ‘stuff happening’, then that is what makes us truly human, surely? That good old fighting spirit, that determination and grit to overcome adversity…

Back now to the power, energy and intent of our thoughts and it seems clear that each of us needs to re-focus and re-shape our thoughts, to focus on our true priorities, to have faith and belief and to trust our ability to handle whatever life throws our way. It is time to believe that stepping into the unknown is a choice that we can either embrace or deny, but we do need to acknowledge that choice, make it and embrace it. Finally, it seems clear that we need to feel the power of a brand new intention…

…I am infinite potential.

Works for me.