The Truth Is Breaking Through

Truth. What is it? Where is it? Is it fact, is it belief, or is it some higher value? Is truth different for each individual or is it a shared value?

For many of us travelling along spiritual pathways, the search for truth is an important facet of these. Standing in Truth, speaking Truth, being Truth…

Life has been throwing out more than its fair share of challenges recently, and many of us are feeling exhausted, tired and worn out at the process. Of course, when we stay centred and connected to the tranquillity within, we can ride these storms, but for many of us, we don’t always manage to achieve this heightened state of bliss, we are only human, after all! Yes, practice does make perfect, but for now many would be forgiven for feeling like they have been through the wash and back again!

This energetic battering creates a kind of fatigue, quite an epic and indescribable fatigue that is almost beyond words. So when someone then says ‘stand in your Truth’, it can be hard to even begin to know where to begin. Indeed for some, the effort to even think about this, let alone to do it, is simply too much!

Yet, think about it, embrace it and live it we must. It is an important step along the pathway of personal and spiritual evolution. First though, we need to understand it! This is what the dictionary has to say:

  1. The true or actual state of a matter.
  2. Conformity with fact or reality.
  3. A verified or indisputable fact.
  4. The state or character of being true.
  5. Actuality or actual existence.

Truth therefore sounds quite rigid, well defined. Yet, when many of us think of truth it feels very removed from this! Perhaps then we therefore need to re-define truth to understand it, to feel it?

Although, the ‘state of character of being true’ seems like a workable definition. It is very personal and it is a state of Being.

As we look beyond the storms of life and into the shattered pieces of glass that remain, we can see a true reflection beginning to emerge. A uniquely personal reflection that is true for us as individuals. Trying to conform to others people’s Truths is admirable and perhaps understandable, but it is our Truth that really matters. We can see shards of broken glass or we can see a myriad of smaller mirrors each one giving us an opportunity to see a different perspective. Life creates storms in order for us to see more…