Light is Light

Or is it?

Truth, yes, that old chestnut again! We seem to be on a mission at the current time, a mission towards Truth, meaning, purpose, mindfulness and conscious living. There is a power behind this, driving us forwards to make changes to our lives on every level of our Being. This is hard work, it is frightening and it is exciting but it feels necessary.

We all have perceptions and conceptions about what is right and what is wrong, and we all have beliefs about what lies ahead…both in life and beyond.

When we think about Light, we think about love, healing, peace. Many of us only choose to think about the Light for the Dark is not a welcoming place. Yet, surely we cannot have one without the other. Surely Dark goes with Light, like Day goes with Night, like Masculine goes with Feminine? One flows into the other creating balance, creating unity, creating wholeness.

The Light illuminates the Dark, not to eradicate it but to make us more aware of it. The Dark softens the Light, not to scare us, but to help us to see the full cycle, the full picture.

As our perspectives continue to shift, to widen and deepen, our whole outlook on life is changing. Whether we accept it or not, things are changing, we are changing, everything is changing. This is evolution, the natural progression of things. However, it certainly seems to be the case that this evolution is getting quicker…

As we become increasingly aware of the bigger picture we look set to realise that Darkness is as important as Light. We need both, we need balance. Perhaps it is a fear of the Dark that pushes so many of us to cling to the Light, or perhaps it is simply a feeling that to create positive change in the world that we need more Light? However, what if it is that fear of the Darkness creating these challenges in the world, should we not then face that Darkness head on rather than take the more indirect approach of flooding it with Light?

This is a lofty debate, and not quite the purpose of these musings!

As we continue to awaken and connect to our True selves and embrace destiny with a passion, our whole outlook on life shifts. Our understanding and beliefs shift as we move beyond obstacles, beyond fear and beyond over-thinking. As we stop underestimating our abilities and our gifts, and we embrace the fullness of our individuality, we realise that the Darkness is an integral part of who we are. We all have a shadow side, there is no shame in that, but it is acknowledging this that is the key. This is not about embracing some dark force, but it is realising that we are made up of a myriad of different things.

Once we fully embrace the wholeness of our Beings, we do move beyond the Light, and we see Light differently, for it becomes something new. Light is Light undoubtedly, but it is also something else, something new, something wonderful…