Judge & Jury – Saturn Retrograde

On the 26th January, Saturn moves retrograde in Libra until June and this looks set to bring each of us (particularly Librans), the need to assess our inner landscapes and to understand what motivates us. When we can truly understand our motivations, we can begin to make sense of our lives and of the repeating patterns that we become a part of. Only then can we make the changes necessary to make our dreams reality and finally let go of the conditioning that shapes or moulds our lives.

Retrograde Saturn helps us to take responsibility for our lives and shows us that in order to evolve, we need to be accountable for each decision we make. This is so hard for many reasons including the fact that we are not isolated non-interactive beings and so every decision we make affects others. At the same time though, it is important not to put our lives on hold waiting for the right moment to act…will that moment ever come? And is that just a way of putting off making a decision in the present?

Nothing in life is black and white, and with a whole spectrum of shades of grey in between, there are no clear cut answers. Yet Saturn wants us to be more in control of our choices and decisions, and to know that we do not have to spend our lives as victims of fate being taken along with the current. We can use our gifts and our minds to find creative solutions to the challenges we face and we can take back the control in a great many areas of our lives.

As a perfectionist, Saturn can push each of us to do more or to do ‘better’ in life. We can feel as though we are never quite good enough. This needs to stop now as we realise that we are good enough, and whilst the quest for betterment is innately human, we should stop using this as a tool to beat ourselves up and put ourselves under immense pressure.

We need to find a balance between the need to expand our horizons and the need to accept ourselves just as we are. This comes down to our perceptions and once again to our motivations. If our motivation is to further expand ourselves then this is empowering and life affirming, but if the motivation comes through a fear of not being good enough, then we need to challenge that belief and wash that fear away.

To judge and self-judge is also innately human, but judgement serves no real purpose other than to weigh someone up against another’s standards. Acceptance and self-acceptance are what’s needed now, this does not mean giving up and giving in, but it does mean that we need to begin being much kinder to ourselves and one another.

As our lives begin to surge ahead over the coming weeks, we can work with Saturn to understand our true nature so that we can make the most of this time of renewed focus and high energy. It is now a great time to find the quiet within in order to focus on our true goals and priorities in life…