Knock, Knock

How many of us spend our lives searching for peace and trying to find our own little piece of happiness? We look for healing, release and resolution to pain, trauma and other facets of our life experiences as we seek out wholeness and completion within; we focus on eradicating the pain as though it is a layer of darkness within that obscures the light and keeps us from living, breathing and being Truth.

Such a path feels right on so many levels, after all, we are awakening and evolving with each passing moment; we are not the same as we were this morning, let alone last week or last year. Yet, at the same time, it is hard not to feel a sense of discomfort with the seemingly constant need to fix, heal and repair ourselves and our souls as it keeps us focused on eradicating the pain and misery rather than lifting up our heads to the sun and embracing the joy instead. Of course, this is not to say that we should try to deny or ignore the pain, but when we focus on this as a pathway to ‘completion’ we run the risk of becoming lost in the emptiness because we have forgotten to leave a door open for joy.

It is only natural for us to rationalise that once we have eradicated all of the pain, the struggle, the trauma and the misery from our lives, all will be well. After all, these can hang over us, sapping our energy and diminishing the light within. We theorise that once we have stepped beyond the pain then the floodgates of happiness and joy will burst open, filling our hearts and souls with love and a joie de vivre so powerful that all is bright and shiny once again. Yet, we quickly realise that the feelings of incompletion remain as we have not, as yet, fully eradicated the darkness; so we never fully connect to the ‘joy consciousness’ but tend to feel a deeper sense of emptiness instead.

It seems that until we honour and celebrate ourselves for all that we are, rather than for all that we are not, we can never find that Utopian wonderland within. Until we realise that we are not incomplete until we heal but are complete already, we can never truly be free of linear time or conditional living and being. It is human nature to want to be fixed, but there are aspects of life that we can never fix or eradicate, and why would we want to as cumulatively they make us the vibrant and wondrous souls we are today?

Healing is not about fixing our faults; it is about loving ourselves despite them. Healing is about living consciously and living vibrantly. Each of us has different challenges and struggles, but these add to the richness of the tapestry of life; without them, life somehow feels emptier and less rich. Of course, there are those experiences that we can never understand; we can spend our lives trying to make sense of what happened and why, never truly moving beyond the experience and letting go. As a result, we remain victims, stuck in linear time, feeling the weight of the pain or confusion that has enveloped and consumed us for so long. This is not to say that we should try to forget the past, but rather we need to find a way to no longer allow it to define our present or, indeed, our future. Although we cannot undo what went before, we can learn from it, evolve and reabsorb it into our consciousness in order to become free and to live vibrantly as is our birthright.

We often spend so long trying to resolve the past in order to live fully in the present that we forget about the present completely. This conditionality keeps us locked chasing perfection, completeness and healing rather than realising that we are already perfect, whole and complete; this is a state of being that is both achievable and realistic to embrace.

It seems important now to shift the focus and the vibration of our lives in order to embrace a more enlightened way of living and being. Life is not about striving for perfection, it about living joyfully and vibrantly. This is a choice of course, and so many still seek out perfection, success and material abundance as the true measures of a happy life, but there comes a point when we step beyond this to open up our hearts and souls towards something simpler, but richer, at the same time.

We can continue to chase healing and completion, and of course healing itself is a wonderful and powerful gift to the world, but when the shift of healing changes away from being fixed to being awake, aligned and in balance, everything changes as we let go of conditional living to instead embrace a life of conscious awareness, making each and every moment precious, valuable and significant.

As with many things in life, this is a choice: we can choose to stay as we are, waiting for the floodgates of joy and love to burst open once we are ‘fixed’, or we can open them consciously now and dance freely in the outpouring of love and joy that follows. We are vibrant, magnificent and incredible beings and we have the universe within each of our millions upon millions of cells; we are integral parts of the universal whole. Knowing this, why limit ourselves? Why hold back, waiting for the moment when everything fits together before we live our lives? Surely being the miracles that we all are, we owe it to ourselves, one another and the universe to shine?