Caught In A Moment

As many of us continue to stand between the periphery of the Self and the infinity of universal consciousness, both expanding at an exponential rate, there is a sense of being caught in a moment that is both full of clarity and full of confusion at the same time; it is as though we have stepped into a space that is the accumulation of everything we once were, the accumulation of everything we have yet to be, as well as the revelation of all that we are.

In this ‘in-between’ time, some may feel lost and alone but many are beginning to feel a stirring of hope as though land has been sighted after many weeks at sea; there is a sense of gentle anticipation as we watch the horizon growing ever-closer and within reach. Yet, at the same time, there is still a need to be conscious of where we are now as the present moment is the marker that will help us to remain centred and connected; if we get too lost in the excitement of what may or may not lie ahead, we run the risk of losing the connection that we have so carefully tended and nurtured for ourselves.

Of course, it is hard to remain in the present moment when glimpses of the future are so tantalisingly close and full of allure, but it is important to stay as grounded as possible in order to continue the process of expansion and cohesion of the soul. A contradiction in terms perhaps, but when we feel the nature of these words, intuitively we know they make sense.

No one ever said that being human was easy, and there are times when the collective, and very audible, sigh of living can be clearly heard when we face another shift, another challenge or another wave of change. We all have those ‘enough!’ moments; those times when we just want some peace and quiet rather than more change, shifts and ‘stuff’, and yet they still happen whether we want them to or not. This is, of course, a part of being alive, and change is inevitable whether we want it or not. At the same time though, it is important to take ownership for our thoughts, beliefs and perspective as these ultimately shape and define our lives.

As we stand in betwixt where we once where and where we are heading, we can feel a sense of frustration that we still haven’t reached the promised land of where we want to be, but when we realise that being alive is not about living in perfection but it is about evolving and growing, it becomes easier to see that reaching the promised land is unlikely to happen when we are alive as that would defeat the idea of being alive.

However, the concept of heaven on earth is a powerful one, and intuitively we know that it is possible to live an awakened and connected life. Yet, so many of us find ourselves eagerly anticipating those greener pastures: those ‘fixes’ that place conditions on our lives. ‘Once I have lost weight then I can…’, ‘once I have that job then I can…’ you get the drift.

Living conditionally keeps us firmly locked in linear time and on a future focus, and although looking ahead brings us inspiration and motivation, it can also take us away from where we are now and this diminishes our sense of Self as it removes our connection to the infinity of life. When we pause and take a deep breath of life, we begin to open up to the true expansive nature of being alive. Although we naturally seek out success, achievement and living the best life possible, we often use these as measures of a happy life; yet, does being a success truly equate to happiness? Perhaps we have been looking at this equation the wrong way round?

It seems that the time is now upon us to upend the apple cart of life in order to let go of the beliefs and storylines that have shaped and defined our lives and our perspectives for so long. Why should we remain locked in living conditionally, allowing fear to lead the way when we have the opportunity to step beyond this in order to focus on the real business of being happy?

This is a choice of course, and for some, the devil that they know is where they want to be, but for others, the concept of devils and deep blue seas has shifted as we realise that life is not about one or the other but it is about both. The Self and the infinity of the Universe are one and the same; God is within us just as we are within God. Of course, intuitively we know this but when it comes to living, breathing and being this we often get lost in storylines, fear and other entrapments of being human that keep us apart from the very thing we seek.

The time has now come for us to let go of the side rails as we stand in betwixt the Self and the Universe; it is time to become One with All that we Are in order to consciously and whole-heartedly embrace this precious and life-altering moment with clarity, vision and strength. What happens in this moment is the most significant and important life event we could ever have as it is all that we can ever have…