Shelter from the Storm

Seeking shelter from the storm and feeling lost and alone continues to be powerful themes for a great many souls as we try to navigate the winds of change and find relief from the feelings of disconnection and isolation as we venture ever deeper within and open up to the beauty and wisdom that resides there.

As we consciously open up to connecting more deeply with the Whole, feelings of disconnection and discombobulation increase as we let go of the familiar and step into unchartered terrain. Despite opening up our hearts, minds and souls to the vast and magnificent universe, it can be hard when we still feel hollow and empty inside. When we turn from left to right, right to left seeking guidance, support and companionship on our spiritual quests, it can feel overwhelming when we find no one standing there; watching and waiting with hand outstretched and a warm smile illuminating the grey skies. Although intuitively we know that we are never truly alone, we still seek comfort and reassurance as we walk forwards, and we want to know that there are others who walk the same path.

Yet the storm from which we seek shelter is not battering down our defences, the storm is a reflection of the turmoil within as we begin to willingly dismantle our own defences and stand naked, bare and vulnerable underneath the spectacular panorama of the billion stars above us and the infinity of life, both within and around us. When we let go and open up to Truth, we realise that the defences that have long kept us safe and sheltered have been the very things that have prevented us from fully awakening. Therefore, although we intuitively want to seek shelter from the storm, in order to advance, we need to face the storm head-on and become One with it. We need to let go of fear and become allies with the raging winds, howling rain and blackened skies as these represent us stepping from living conditionally and unconsciously towards living unconditionally and consciously.

How do we ‘let go’ when the storm is raging and we feel so isolated and alone? How can we feel reassured that despite knowing that we are moving in the right direction, the winds are still creating havoc and the cloaks we are wearing do little to keep out the cold and rain? Such questions twist and turn in the recesses within and yet, intuitively it still feels right to carry on, to keep on facing the storm and to let those inner defences and turrets down.

Many of us have, over time, built castles and fortresses within to stay safe, but now we have to choose whether or not to stay hidden in those castles or to remove the walls, brick by brick until we have fully let go. We are in a kind of ‘in between’ stage, where the storm is still raging and the castles are still present, and yet, we no longer find shelter from the storms within in our carefully built castles and fortresses as they no longer make sense to our deeper need to stand free.

During the still moments, when we inhale a full breath of air, we see beyond the storm and those inner defences. In the distance we can see a light coming on, then off, on, then off and realise that this is the lighthouse of the soul leading us home. In many ways, the lighthouse is another form of defence, but we do not find ourselves hidden within its walls but standing on the shoreline with waves pounding the rocks and the light shining brightly illuminating the way. The light shines brighter when we are beyond the fortified walls, as it is our soul’s way of guiding us home.

It can be hard to open up to the full equilibrium of life; day and night, pain and love are but two examples of the pendulum that continually swings back and forth with each passing moment. Life is not static, it was never meant to be, but when the storm rages with such ferocity it takes our breath away, it can be hard not to seek out retreat. For those of us moving through the layers of consciousness, it is hard not to touch spiritual depression as it represents an awareness that so much of what we once held dear no longer brings us the comfort that it once did.

Of course, it is only natural to want to find shelter, but intuitively we know that we have not come this far only to retreat once again. The going is tough but the light is breaking through like the rays of the sun creeping over the hills in a new dawn; the process feels slow and arduous at times, but when we re-centre, we realise that we are making progress; we can then bathe in the light of the new dawn with a sense of inner satisfaction that we are nearing home.

Home in this context is unique to the individual; after all, we all have our own Truth and our own spiritual awareness. Even though we may still feel isolated and alone as shift upon shift seeps into our psyches, intuitively we know that the only way to seek solace is to ride the waves until we reach that point of stillness where everything slots into perfect alignment once again. No one said that spiritual awakening would be easy, but, as human beings, the relentless pounding of the energetic and spiritual storm has taken its toll. We need respite, reassurance and reconnection.

The more we open up to the light within and to realising that we are the ones dismantling those castles and fortresses, then we shift from disempowered and confused to re-empowered and a little less confused. Okay, so we might want crystal-clear clarity, but we have to have faith and trust that this will come in time, for now, we need to reclaim equilibrium as best as we can and give ourselves a break from constantly trying to push ahead to get to where we think we need to be.

The storm might feel chaotic and full of turmoil but it is also cleansing, healing and renewing; feel the vibration change and this will begin the shift from isolation to re-connection as we no longer seek shelter from the storm but we find joy by opening up to its power and energy in order to be cleansed and set free…