Moving Through The Mist

It seems important to connect with Neptune at this time. On the 5th August, he moved into Aquarius whilst retrograde and he will stay there until 2012.

Neptune is a subtle but incredibly powerful planet; he weaves us together through the collective consciousness and all of those unseen forces that we are growing increasingly aware of. In many ways this is the time of Neptune, we are opening ourselves up more and more to his sacred dance that unifies through the interconnectedness of the energy all around us.

I wrote a while ago that ‘Neptune is that subtle thread that connects us all through a beautiful cosmic dance of energies that swirl and flow within and around each of us connecting us to the Universe and making us One’.

As we continue to go through inner shift after inner shift, we are beginning to gain a sense of perspective as to what is actually happening! Yet at the same time, we are moving more towards that space beyond the light where nothing is happening at the same time.

As human beings, we need to understand and comprehend, we want answers and solutions. This is how we have evolved and developed. Yet we are moving to a place beyond this, where we step onto the flow of consciousness and allow ourselves to trust the process of life.

This may sound a little vague, but when we feel these words, we can feel their intent, their purpose. We are in a time of intent, of power, of purpose and it is time to realise just how powerful we are individually and collectively.

There is a strong theme of compassion with Neptune, and as the weeks progress, we are likely to start ‘feeling’ much more. It is as though we are being asked to disengage our brains slightly to allow our intuition or our instincts to guide us far more. How many of us get ‘feelings’ about stuff but ignore them for a more logical solution? Thought so!

Neptune wants us to look beyond the physical towards our inner landscapes. Yes, we need to tend those landscapes regularly to keep them weed free and beautiful, but this is much more that a bit of weeding! It is time to plant seeds, to tend crops and to nurture our gardens to create something truly beautiful. What we create within, we can then start to create without.

If our inner world is weed ridden, overgrown, neglected and forlorn, how can we ever have the space to manifest our dreams or rest in stillness? We do need to take responsibility for our inner worlds (who else can?), and we need to take out even a little time each day to nurture this important part of our Beings. This is not about spending months or years in solitude contemplating (although there is nothing wrong with that!), but for most of us in the world this is neither practical nor possible.

In a way, Neptune is showing us a kind of ‘inner philosophy for the modern soul’, he is showing us that we can live in a consumer driven, material society without becoming a sheep or a slave to it. This is not about rebellion though, it is about resting in the stillness within and allowing our inner world to nurture and nourish us.

So many souls have found themselves seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives, seeking a meaningful spirituality that connects them to the Universe. Many have lost their way, but many are still keeping on keeping on, and it is important not to let go of the intention to evolve and grow as sentient beings.

Neptune wants us to live more simply, more joyfully and more blissfully. Abundance is not just about wealth of the material kind, and Neptune wants us to appreciate this now. It is time to enjoy the riches within for they will shape our lives and expectations without.

Does having the biggest house, the best TV or the fastest car really matter in the scheme of things? For some it does, and that is ok, but for those of us who know this not to be important in our lives, we need to explore the richness within to feel truly abundant and overflowing with love, inspiration, creativity and bliss.

We now need to seek the peace and solace within and connect to the stillness, love and bliss that reside there. It is time to bathe in that light of inspiration and to feel whole and complete from within. Once we reach a stage of inner completion, our whole perspective on life shifts, our intentions change and the power of our thoughts truly begin to re-shape our lives from the inside out.

Neptune can cause confusion; his mists can tie us up in knots and leave us feeling lost. Yet, if we can move beyond that fear and trust, we know that we are always connected and we can guide ourselves from within. Once we are tuned into the stillness within, we are open to receive the guidance of our higher selves and of the Universe.

It is time now to have faith, to trust and to believe. It is also time to let go of doubt and fear and allow the Universe to guide us.