No More Ostrich Tactics!

Today, the 21st March, Ceres enters Pisces. Ceres is the Earth Mother, the nurturer and the nourisher. She provides for us and ensures that we take care of our own well-being as well as for others.

Ceres represents abundance on all levels, and in Pisces there is a strong theme of compassion and empathy flowing in abundance all around the world. Yet this starts from within and we have to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves if we can ever truly grow or evolve.

Ceres in Pisces is asking each of us to focus on what truly makes our hearts sing in life. We need to be more mindful, to rest in the stillness within, to stop forcing ahead and to stop our thoughts from dominating our lives and instead allow ourselves to be more in the moment and guided by our true hearts’ desire. This is a powerful shift, and one that has already begun in earnest!

This is a very compassionate combination of energies, yet it is also a combination that will not suffer fools gladly. We can choose to keep our heads buried in the sand, ignoring life, ignoring our gifts or our paths, but this doesn’t make it all go away. It is all still sitting there, waiting for us to wake up and take control. This is not about a rap on the knuckles though, for Ceres rarely works that way. She wants us to want to be more aware and in-tune with both our Selves and our lives, and to live each moment consciously and fully awake.

Awake in this context means awareness, being aware is something that we so often forget to do. We live in a world where it is often easier to be unaware and to close ourselves off from the people, events and situations around us. Yet it seems clear that in order to truly understand our Selves and our places in the world, we need to be aware!

It seems that by being more awake and aware, we can begin to live more in-tune with our philosophies and beliefs. Once we can do this, then we can find the path of living truly joyfully, blissfully and in a way that truly nurtures and nourishes…