November Horoscopes – Archive…


November is a month for clarity for Aries. There is a strong sense that you have been living in something of an emotional fog over recent weeks, and this has prevented you from being your usual dynamic, forthright self. In some ways, it has been hard for you to see even an outline of your path ahead, let alone find some key landmarks to guide you. Yet, at the same time, this mist has allowed you to spend some time focused within building a stronger and better relationship with yourself.

The good news is that this fog looks set to clear early in November, enabling you to see the path ahead with 20/20 vision. Don’t take this for granted though, as you need to keep your eye on the ball in order to get yourself fully back into the driving seat of your life once again.

There is a need to let go of past fears now, particularly in connection to your relationships with others. You need to start believing in yourself again, and letting go of the caution that has been holding you back. The key here is in loving yourself more, thereby allowing you to develop a clear and open dialogue with those close to you. Don’t throw caution to the wind, but have some belief that life can pan out in line with your hopes and dreams…


Recent weeks have seen you once again doubting your gifts and talents. You seem to feel that you haven’t ‘got what it takes’, yet there is no obvious source of these doubts. The harder you look, the more confused you have become. Well, it should come as no surprise, that the source of this confusion is you – yes, you are the only one who doubts your gifts and potential. Those close to you, have known for sometime that you are a shining light with so much to offer, but your deep fears of stepping into the unknown have led to self-negating thoughts which you need to let go of now.

November is your chance to prove to yourself that you absolutely do have what it takes. You are an amazing individual – no time for false modesty now, so just own it. It is you, you are it. No escaping that fact. So, instead of beating yourself up with thoughts that you are not good enough change your inner dialogue to something far more positive and dynamic. This is an important and pivotal time in your life, so don’t sit back and let it pass you by.

Also this month, there is a distinct possibility or even probability that someone close turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You may feel hurt or let down, but whatever you do, don’t let it get in your way.


You have been all too aware of the change and transformation occurring in your life over recent weeks and months. The trouble is that because you are naturally inquisitive and a deep thinker, you have spent a lot of time pondering the reasons for the change, rather than experiencing them! The result is that you might feel like a fish out of water for a while in November as this change starts to externalise and flow out into all areas of your life.

This is not something to panic about, but now you know that this is likely to happen, you can go with it rather than try to philosophise or rationalise it. There is a lesson in all of this, and that is to ‘do’ more and think a little less. You do have a tendency to allow your brain (logic) to override your feelings and emotions; but sometimes, you just have to be in the midst of feelings and emotions and experience them for what they are, just go with them and accept them. To stop and think about them gets in the way of the process…

On a vocational level, a new opportunity is likely to come your way from a very unexpected and somewhat unusual source. Try to keep an open mind, and remember to feel, as well as think, your way to a solution.


You have been feeling a strong sense of burden over recent weeks, a feeling that one area of your life in particular is weighing you down, and holding you back. There is almost a sense of you feeling hemmed in and trapped, and this has caused you to re-build your fortress and retreat back into the safe haven of your inner landscape. Of course, you need to keep yourself safe, but are things truly as difficult as you perceive them to be? Maybe you feel burdened by the effects of you steering clear of challenges, as you doubt your ability to handle them?

Maybe then, by standing your ground and keeping your head above the parapet, you might come to realise that you are in fact neither hemmed in or trapped, but just a stone’s throw away from turning this ‘burden’ into an opportunity of a lifetime? It is about perception – how you see your life this month holds the key to how you move forwards on your path ahead. See opportunity or challenge, the choice, as they say, is yours…

This is not meant to sound flippant, but it is meant to inspire and encourage you to step out of your safe little haven in order to realise that the world does not have to be as threatening as you fear it to be. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try?


You love nothing better than to be at the very epicentre of your world, to see those close to you in your orbit, never straying too far, but always present to see you shine. Those souls who live with Leo folk know that there is nothing malicious about this way of life; it is just a fact of being a Leo! However, over recent weeks you have started to feel that someone else has stepped in to pull away your loyal subjects into another orbit away from you. It is almost akin to someone pulling the rug out from beneath you, and whilst you are trying to resist it, you can’t help but feel betrayed.

However, stop for a moment and think about the situation rationally. This isn’t betrayal or disloyalty, or anything else sinister for that matter. You have failed to notice that you have withdrawn a little over recent weeks and this has focused your light within. This has been an important time for inner work and rejuvenation for nearly everyone, and so whilst you have been working on yourself, so have those around you. Their attention has not been stolen away, but simply re-directed during this important time of change. As November progresses, you will begin to feel back at the epicentre of your world again, and your fan club of patient and understanding loved ones and friends will be back to watch you shine once again!


You would be forgiven for thinking that you have inadvertently stepped into someone else’s shoes recently, as life has felt strange and somewhat unfamiliar. Be assured though, that this is your life, it’s just that you have been so busy lately, you have failed to notice some fairly major changes that have taken place. There is nothing to panic about, for it seems that the heavens are watching over you. However, you do need to ask yourself how it can be that you are so busy that you could have allowed one of the most important periods of change in your life to pass you by?

Maybe you need to re-think your life and path ahead this month, in order to give yourself time to enjoy your hard work, and to be able to enjoy the ride? It’s not all about the final destination you know. So try to re-structure your life to your advantage and see that there is more to life than work, work and work. You may be dedicated, but you owe it to yourself and to those close to you to completely let go from time to time. In addition, it is only in those ‘quieter’ moments that you can truly connect to yourself, your soul and your deeper needs – so spend some time listening to yourself. You might just surprise yourself by what you hear…


November is a pivotal month of change for Libra, and there is a strong sense of a major life change, one that will impact your life for many years to come – if not forever. This is not something to fear, but to embrace for you have been hovering at the edge of this life change for many many months, and now is your chance to either have faith and jump, or to stay paralysed in fear and walk away.

The key to seeing your way through this challenge is to listen to your instincts – this is often hard for Libra as the scales often swing up and down to the point of complete indecision, but go within and you will see that the terrain there is much calmer. Listen to your deeper self, and be guided by this – for you know what to do…

After this, everything else seems to pale into insignificance, but on a lighter note there is a strong sense of indulgence, pampering and emotional release as November progresses. It is a month to use your creativity to generate abundance – particularly of the financial kind. You will come to realise that the major life change mentioned earlier will open up a whole new chapter of your life – a chapter of love, life, joy and success; so as you can see, your decision to have faith or have fear is greatly significant…


The past few months have seen you working hard towards the achievement of your goals. Despite all your efforts, you can’t help but feel like you have not come as far as you had hoped and feel a little disappointed in yourself. However, we all know that you are usually your own worst critic, and bearing this in mind, it is all to clear to everyone around you just how much you have actually achieved. So rather than beating yourself up, take a moment to honestly take stock and give yourself a well-earned pat on the back.

There is a strong sense of change connected to your living or domestic situation. It is possible that a move is on the cards, but more likely is a change in the living dynamics in your home. You seem to be in need of some space of your own for quiet reflection and contemplation, a space to be creative and to develop your spirituality. You are gifted at thinking outside of the box to find solutions to problems, so even if creating that special space seems unachievable; you will find a way – you don’t often fail when you set your mind to things! This special place is something that you need and deserve to have – you need breathing space, otherwise you may start to feel hemmed in, and become moody as a result.


Compromise is not usually a word in the Sagittarian book of possibilities. You need space, freedom and independence in your life to thrive and grow, and restriction or compromise is akin to putting a cage around you to entrap you and stop you from flying. However, sometimes in order to achieve a particular dream, something else has to give a little. You may well be one of the lucky ones in life who can ‘have your cake and eat it’, but this is a general trend, not a rule!

So, November is a month to take a long, hard think about your life and your priorities, and to see what needs to bend slightly in order for your plans to come together. Try not to see this as negative or unfair, simply see it as the best possible way in which to take your life into the next dimension.

A little closer to home, you may feel like someone keeps moving into your personal space whether you want them to or not. Almost as though they don’t recognise the need to keep a respectable distance from others unless invited to get closer. You may need to re-establish your personal boundaries, but stand your ground and be clear about what’s acceptable, and what’s not. Keep it light though, otherwise things could get taken out of all proportion leading to a full scale battle of wills…


You seem to be the belle/beau of the ball in November, as everyone wants to be a part of your ‘inner sphere’ of friends. You are full of the social charms and graces, and as a result your sphere of friends is reaching out into un-chartered territory. This is not something to be fearful of, quite the opposite in fact as one of your new contacts looks set to open a doorway of opportunity for you that will have far reaching positive consequences in your life. The best advice is to keep an open mind.

Your perception of wealth and abundance has been on a rocky road over the past few months (years even). You are not one to be ostentatious, but at the same time you have a strong need to appear financially stable even when things are not quite so good in reality. However, it seems that your desire to keep up appearances will be matched by your bank balance this month if you play your cards right and think before you act when it comes to making any major decisions. At the same time, you will start to realise that there is more to life than appearances, and as long as you are happy it doesn’t matter if you drive a Bentley or a beaten up old banger. Designer clothes say nothing about a person’s true nature…


Your year of change and growth continues with Neptune moving direct in your sign on the 4th. This is the final part of the jigsaw coming together to help launch you into the next phase of your life. You have spent many months preparing yourself, clarifying your dreams and focusing your mind. It’s even possible that by now, you have taken the first few steps on your path ahead. November has the effect of someone finally switching on the light; all the pieces come together as you can see the whole. You will finally feel able to have the confidence and self-belief to follow your heart and your dreams towards pastures new…

It seems that luck and fortune are on your side, as you seem to be in just the right place at just the right time when exactly the right person or opportunity comes along. You may start to feel overwhelmed with choices, but don’t just sit back and hope that clarity will find you and, at that moment, the right opportunity will be sat at your feet; you need to explore and experiment, to test the water and find out what’s important and what’s not. This is the time to let go of both the inessential and the things that no longer serve you, so that you can focus your energies into achieving your dreams. Exciting times…


November is a month to leave the past behind you as you start to focus on the present, and the future. There is a strong sense recently, that you have found yourself stuck in the same old repeating patterns of self-sacrifice when it comes to your own dreams and needs, and whilst you are more aware of this, it is still so hard for you to say ‘No!’ and to assert your own wishes. This is not to say that you are lost and beyond help, far from it in fact as November sees you step out from the shadows of others and finally step into your own power.

It seems that a ‘new’ more confident you is emerging, and alongside this confidence is a well of potential and possibilities as you see your horizons expanding in all directions. There is a sense of excitement and adventure around you, as you start to believe that the world truly is your oyster, and it is only your own self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams…

Alongside all of this, your spiritual gifts seem to be growing ever stronger as you begin to realise just how special and unique your gifts are. Once you acknowledge this, you will begin to clearly see exactly how to help others and the planet. Always giving, but this time on your own terms.