Our Summer of (Dis)Content – Part 2

Baring Our Souls

We were left last time with a choice between blissful ignorance or a somewhat more challenging path of going within and truly finding ourselves.

As the weeks continue, the more inner time we can find, the more inspired and uplifted we will begin to feel making this summer truly one of contentment and joy. However, if we remain at the physical level, being pushed and pulled by external events we will feel discontented, lost and confused, so finding inner time is vital to make the most of this incredible cosmic climate.

As the energy of the T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto intensifies, the clearer our own paths will become. Whilst we will each be challenged to affirm what is truly important to us, and we will each need the courage to let go of all those things that no longer serve us. There is a sense that those of us brave enough to charge head first into this log-jam of cosmic energies will emerge as shining lights, inspired, creative, with clarity and vision.

It seems clear that resistance to these cosmic events is somewhat futile; most of us want to evolve and become more enlightened and conscious. This is a time of awakening and a time for each of us to re-write our stories, to find our creativity and to simply be ourselves (not who we think we should be, ought to be, or want to be).

This is a time for stripping back all the clutter to the bare bones, to stand as naked souls under the heavens without the trappings of modern life, without the clutter in the mind and without the expectations and pressures to ‘conform’. This time is likely to leave a tremendously deep and long lasting impression on each of us…

To be Continued…