Our Summer of (Dis)Content – Part 3

The Volcano Erupts…

The need to bare our souls and to become whole was a clear message from Part 2, and as we dig further into this exciting yet challenging Cosmic Climate, we will see just how these planetary events will unfold.

The build up of energy from May through to August will feel a little overwhelming at times, there is almost a sense that this log jam of energy is building up like magma beneath a smouldering volcano. Left to its own devices it will eventually erupt uncontrollably and with the full force and unpredictability of Mother Nature. But if we are able to tap into this energy and channel it constructively we can tap into the full power and force of the Universe and direct it in positive ways.

This may sound daunting, but if we remain centred and standing in the full Light and truth of who we are, we each have more than enough strength and ability to tap into the Universal energy grid to finally have the self-belief, courage and inner strength to follow our dreams and to fulfil our aspirations. When we are truly centred, nothing can rock us or pull us down, we remain in love and that is the most powerful force we know.

Many of us seem nervous about the events to come and wonder what will unfold, but the key focus remains with staying centred and exploring our inner worlds. Once mastered, the outer world and the problems all around us will become more manageable, solvable and treatable. The power to make change comes from within, not without. Diving into the ocean of consciousness (the deep blue sea) that resides within and connects us all (connects All That Is), allows each of us to see how interconnected we all are, and from this awareness it is clear to see how we can affect change.

To be continued…