Pluto Direct…

Pluto finally moves direct today – over the past few months this remote little powerhouse has been wreaking havoc in our lives, making us face our own inner demons, helping us to let go of those things (thoughts, patterns, attitudes, ideas, people and situations) that no longer serve us, and to resolve those issues that have remained unresolved within us for some time.

Whilst in retrograde, the energy ray of Pluto becomes more intense and concentrated, and his focus is turned within – shining a light on our inner worlds. Pluto cannot be ignored, he always finds a way for each of us to take notice and he will continue to chip away at our resistance until we start to take notice and act.

Pluto can seem cold and harsh, yet unless we let go in our lives, we cannot embrace the new. Without endings there cannot be beginnings. Of course the irony is that resistance to change is futile – it tends to happen whether we want it to or not, so to embrace it and work with it makes more sense as it places us in a position of empowerment. To resist and retreat leaves us the victim, powerless and without a voice.

So, this past few months have given each of us an opportunity to go deeply within to face those things about us that we don’t like, we ignore or that we find to painful to access. Pluto has helped us to see that unless we face our true selves, we cannot move forwards. Pluto has helped each of us to take hold of our inner strength, and to embrace the inevitable changes that we have all faced.

The past few months have been challenging, particularly in view of the effect of the other planets in retrograde (Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus). At times I have personally felt like my head is going to spin off (in true Exorcist fashion) as the sheer pressure and force of the release process has been hard to handle at times. I have felt overwhelmed much of the time, and under-whelmed the rest of the time. I have longed to simply feel whelmed!

The effect of retrograde Pluto has helped each of us to go within and to connect to the true core of who we are. Pluto has helped us to be aware of our true calling, and our true power.

Pluto is the catalyst, he may be challenging, but he is absolutely necessary. He cannot be ignored, and this retrograde phase has been testament to that – has anyone actually managed to avoid the intensity? I haven’t come across anyone…

Now Pluto is moving direct, his energies will burst out back into the external world giving each of us a chance to explore ways in which we can express our true natures in the world in which we live.

Those of us who have faced out fears will now start to feel stronger and stronger, and for those who stayed in ostrich state? Well, Pluto won’t give up, that’s almost guaranteed, he will continue to chip away until each of us reaches our true core and have become baggage free. Pluto wants each of us to be free, to stand in our power and to fulfil our true potential.

So expect a surge of energy over the next few weeks once Pluto gets back into the swing of things again. And as the other planets start moving direct over the coming weeks, more and more awareness and clarity is likely to come forth.