Randomly Scattered or A Divine Plan?

For many fellow travellers riding the waves of shift and change, this seems to be a time of disquiet and uncertainty, confusion and angst. There is a sense of the blurring of boundaries and the merging of consciousness between different levels of awareness, and this is creating feelings of disconnection from both the Self and the Whole. Discord is emerging from within, creating storylines and patterns that feel incongruent and overwhelming, and despite intuitively sensing the ‘bigger picture’, it is hard not to feel isolated and alone, cut off and disconnected.

Emotions begin to surface from anger to ecstasy, but they have no clear source or direction. They can be present one moment and gone the next, and the roller coaster can twist and turn in a flash. Trying to understand such shifts is understandable, but it can make the confusion even more intense as there seems to be little logic to the situation.

For some, this discord has been so intense that they feel ripped apart or torn in two; yet, we all remain open to the process, for intuitively we understand that this is the path of awakening. For those amongst us who are finding the journey too unsettling there are many questions surfacing in connection to what happens next and also to whether or not it might be wise to take a step backwards and step free from the chaos.

Stepping backwards is quite tempting, but how can we switch off being more awakened and more conscious? How can we forget? At the same time, stepping backwards suggests two things: firstly, moving against the flow, which although sometimes wise and necessary, can ultimately take us even further off course. Secondly, is moving backwards towards the sleeping flock really going to bring us peace, respite and balance? Will it not just leave us feeling more disconnected and alone as we cannot truly be a sheep for we have touched life as tigers? We should also consider that by choosing to step backwards, we may simply have to go through the whole process again…

Finding a way through the confusion and going with the intensity and fractious shifts seems to be the only path. We need to lean into the confusion in order to touch the stillness and the peace that lies deep within.

There is no denying that for many souls, this time of change is hard to bear. So much is happening on so many different levels, that it is all too easily to feel lost and fractured, scattered across different levels of awareness, and different realities or dimensions. Yet, it is important to find a way to ride this storm in order to re-focus on the Truth of our Divinity and our magnificence.

It seems important now to strip back the layers upon layers that have build up over time in order to find our own unique pathway to the Divine (and to Self). We are all unique, and yet we often follow the flock trying to find the answers or the solution to bring us to that much desired state of being: enlightenment. However, it seems clear that the only way through this is to go within and to find our own pathway to Divinity.

It is so easy to get lost in the storylines of spirituality as we seek clarity and we can become tied up in knots as we try to rationalise, understand and analyse every twist and turn. This is innately human of course, but there is a sense that the harder we struggle, the tighter the knots become. In order to merge and come together into a beautiful and majestic Whole, we need to strip back the layers and realise the simplicity of our Divinity; it isn’t complicated and it doesn’t have to tear us apart.

As the storylines, twists and turns continue, we may feel light-headed with the spin and pace of shift; we may also feel torn in two at times, confused, alone and uncertain of everything. Yet, when we pause for a moment and step beyond it all, we re-connect to the power within which can bring us strength, perseverance, determination, focus and wisdom.

So, when the waves become nauseatingly rough and choppy, we need to travel down to our core. If we can see ourselves with firm anchors resting peacefully on the sea floor vaguely aware of, but blissfully untouched by, the turbulence above, we can begin to re-centre and re-merge allowing those feelings of fracture to heal as we finally find completeness within…