Reaching New Heights

From my Summer Newsletter:

The Summer Solstice 2009 is a very special day. The Solstice is a special day every year, but this year there is just so much going on!

The Sacred Dance between Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron continues (with all three of these planets in conjunction in retrograde). Pluto remains retrograde, and as well as the Sun reaching it’s highest point in the sky, there are a plethora of double conjunctions including the Sun and Vesta, Venus and Mars, Juno and Uranus, Ceres and Saturn.

Many of us have already been aware of the intense shifts in energy over the past few weeks, and this looks set to reach a crescendo on the Solstice. It is a time of great change and transformation – and everyone is likely to sense this on at least some level.

Looking briefly at all the above planetary unions and events:

Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron – this heady and very special union marks a period of intense introspection (as all three planets are retrograde). There is a need to understand our healing gifts and to believe in our gifts and potential. Neptune helps us to find a clear pathway or connection to the Divine – so in some ways, this is a magical opportunity to see the abundance within and to grab life with both hands.

Retrograde Pluto – this is strongly connected to letting go of all those things that are holding us back. It is time to Cut Out the Dead Wood – we need to be free of those blocks and obstacles in our lives that are preventing new and joyous things from entering. It is a time to welcome change and transformation. Like the phoenix rising again from the ashes, we are all being reborn.

Sun conjunct Vesta – whilst Vesta is an asteroid, her impact with the Sun at the Solstice is very significant. She is the celestial Goddess of the hearth and home, and she is also the Goddess very much whole and complete in herself. Combined with the Sun, there is a strong sense that each of us need to re-connect to our inner Sun’s (our Divine Spark), and to reconnect to our individuality. The Sun shows us the unlimited potential of our growth, and combined with Vesta this shows that we owe it to ourselves to Shine and to be the colourful individuals that we know we are.

Venus conjunct Mars – this is the classical union of masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Harmony and balance (within and without) are the key for each of us if we are to find the stillness within. From that stillness comes the ability to find faith, clarity, courage and confidence.

Juno conjunct Uranus – Juno (another asteroid) represents relationships and the power dynamics that flow within them. In conjunction with Uranus (the truth seeker and individual), this highlights a time to discern between the relationships that nourish and nurture, from the ones that don’t. Relationships (of all kinds) means we have energy flowing to and from many different people – yet some people take, and do not give in return. These relationships drain us, and leave us feeling depleted.

Now is the time to re-address such imbalances and to stand in our Truth and Power and to be whole in ourselves. There are many ways of achieving balance – sometimes simply a few words does the trick, this is not necessarily about ending all those challenging relationships, in fact quite the opposite, it is about standing up for ourselves and achieving balance within our lives…

Ceres conjunct Saturn – Ceres (a dwarf planet) represents the harvest and how we nurture and nourish ourselves and one another. Saturn is the taskmaster, representing duty, responsibility and hard work in life. In union, this suggests a time to reap the rewards of our labours, to harvest those things that we have worked so hard to bring to fruition. Many see Saturn as a tough and unrelenting planet, and in some ways he is, yet when we work hard and strive towards our goals, Saturn will support us, and reward us well when we reach our destinations.

Looking at all of this collectively, it would certainly seem like the 2009 Summer Solstice is all about growth, transformation, abundance, potential, balance and the realisation of our dreams and goals. It is a time to celebrate ourselves for who we truly are. It is a time to embrace life and all it has to offer. It is a time to declare our intent for our paths ahead, and to celebrate the joy of being human.

Now is the time to face our fears, to let go of those things that have been holding us back and to truly embrace our potential.