Riding The Wave

There is a strong sense of shift and movement on just about every level of consciousness at the current time. As we continue to feel a collective and growing sense of emergence, new life and new possibilities, it seems that through the shift and chaos, we are beginning to find our feet.

The waves of energy that are now flowing freely and quite rapidly feel quite cohesive, but  there is still a sense of scattering and chaos for we have reached a point where a myriad of different energy flows and streams of consciousness are coming together to form a more complete Whole.

In daily life we can feel connected and clear one moment, but lost and alone the next. Tears can flow unexpectedly and then in the next instant we can feel a sense of bliss and euphoria. Confusion flows into clarity, and uncertainty flows into certainty; with such a mish-mash of energies it is no wonder that we can feel totally overwhelmed and puzzled as to what is actually happening! Sleepless nights, churning thoughts, deep and profound lethargy (which goes way beyond tiredness) all bring to the surface issues and memories, pain and patterns that we may have long considered ‘healed’ or resolved. We are faced with our pain and fears in one moment, and then peace and clarity the next!

If we take a step back, we may be able to see that all of this chaos is part of a careful ‘plan’ of evolution and awakening. Yet, whilst we are in the middle of it, it is hard to see anything much at all.

As the streams and flows of consciousness continue to merge and come together, we can feel stuck in a maelstrom of undercurrents and eddy’s which can both confuse and exhaust, and whilst we can see the peace that lies ahead, the journey to this point is quite frenetic and hard to handle. It is akin to layer upon layer of different currents merging; at first, they pull this way and that, but eventually, they come together in perfection. Whilst we can know that perfection is coming, riding the chaos is somewhat challenging!

Of course we have a choice, we can fight the currents and try to hold fast, clinging to what we know; or we can have faith and trust enjoying the ride and knowing that every single experience makes us stronger and wiser.

Yet when we feel like everything beneath us is crumbling away, keeping that faith is hard. It is all too easy to say surrender and trust, believe and have faith, but doing it is considerably harder, for we are human! This is the real crux of the conundrum of awakening, for if we stay in the somewhat understandable fear, we restrict and withdraw, but when we truly do let go and have faith, we grow and evolve.

So, how to get from one side of the river to the other? We could wait for a bridge to be built or try to build one ourselves through intention, or we could find a boat to take us across. Alternatively, we could simply leap in, having faith that we can make it to the other side! The final option is to stay put and to maintain the status quo. None of these are right and none are wrong, whilst we all know that the latter is perhaps the least desirable, sometimes the challenges that life throws in our direction makes it impossible to leap.

Yet as we sit and contemplate these options, perhaps we are missing the point. Is life truly about getting from a to b? Is the grass really greener at b? Sometimes we have to free ourselves from our limiting thoughts and perceptions, and break free from the prisons that we create within that are formed by our beliefs. Why do we have to get to b to find bliss? Surely as Divine Sparks, we can create bliss wherever we happen to be in the alphabet of life? Once we realise this and feel this, that vast river disappears and we suddenly see life from a very different perspective.

Sometimes the worries and woes of daily life can keep us locked in fear, lack and restriction simply because we allow them to. This does not mean that these are not genuine worries, but how we choose to deal with them is what’s important. We can allow them to define us and shape our lives, giving them power and energy; or we can shift our awareness from seeking out that green pastured Utopia somewhere in the distance and realise that it is already within us…