Conundrums, Choices & Clinging On!

Energetically speaking, these are tumultuous and somewhat rambunctious times. In fact, on most levels there is a sense of shift, movement and change! It feels like everything is speeding up but slowing down at the same time, and it can be hard to know if we are coming, going or are hovering somewhere in between. Yet, despite this seemingly uncertain and unknowable climate, deep within there is a strong sense of certainty beginning to rise and surface! A true time of paradox and conundrums!

It seems that it is only once we have immersed ourselves fully in the chaos that we can begin to see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. However, this goes beyond stepping from darkness into the light, this journey to Self takes us beyond polarities to a place of knowing, Truth and love. Life is so much more than dark or light, and it is only when we have touched this, that we can fully surrender to the true flow and to the full magnificence of life.

We now find ourselves standing on a precipice; the decision to cling on to what we know feels appealing, for ‘better the devil we know’, but at the same time, we intuitively know that it is time to take a proverbial leap of faith into unknown territory in order to expand, blossom and grow.

Our inner landscape continues to take centre stage as there is a need to plant some new seeds in connection to our intent for the path ahead. It is time to feel the full power of intent and to realise that we do have what it takes to manifest our dreams into reality. Of course, life is never as simple as this, for as humans, we think, we analyse, we worry, and we procrastinate! But human we are, so we need to find a path through the obstacles that we often create through fear or doubt in order to reach a new place in life. This ‘place’ is a space to allow our true Selves to shine and to live as consciously and mindfully as possible.

This is a time to navigate our inner worlds in order to break free from the fear that so often keeps us trapped and locked in lack, constriction and suffering. It is important to know that our minds are free, and how we choose to think about life is perhaps our biggest gift. As our perception continues to sharpen and shift, we are beginning to see life in a very different way.

As we realise that we have been clinging on to habits and patterns through a fear of the ‘unknown’, the process of awakening is speeding up considerably. It seems that how we choose to interpret and understand our experiences defines and shapes both our lives and the journey ahead. When we put these together, it is clear to see that the only way to grow, blossom and evolve is to break free from the patterns that have shaped us, to be mindful of our thoughts and to realise that we are not simply powerless and drifting aimlessly along with the tides of life! We are awakened, sentient beings, and the more we grasp the nettle and take responsibility for our choices, thoughts and actions, the more we can fully embrace the power within and manifest Heaven on Earth.

So, as we cling on to that proverbial precipice, we have a choice. We can either cling on by our finger nails, locked in fear, or we can surrender to the Universal Flow and trust that we will be provided for and guided forwards. Of course, this brings to the surface another conundrum, how can we surrender and trust when there are bills to pay, jobs to be done etc? These are natural human concerns, and so many of us fear losing control and seeing our world crumbling before our eyes.

Yet, should we then remain ‘on the edge’ always in fear of taking a chance? In some ways, until we trust, surrender and ‘lose control’ (for at the end of the day, what control do we really have?), we cannot truly find freedom. We become so focused on surviving and getting by, that we lose the sparkle, passion and magic of the flow of life.

As we continue to navigate through these uncertain but certain times, and as we let go of the doubt, fear and angst which is both corrosive and erosive, we can begin to gain a true sense of why we are here…

So why are we here?

We are here to shine, to radiate and to glow! We are our own Creators, and it is time to truly believe this and to know that our path is exactly the right path for us. There are endless possibilities to explore, and there are no limits, for the only limits are the ones we put there.

It is time to dissolve resistance, guilt and fear, and to intuitively know, and truly believe, that we are free. We can do, and be, all that we want; for all things are possible when we allow ourselves to believe. It is time to use the gifts that we were born with, to surrender to the flow, to trust and to believe. It is time to stop pontificating and procrastinating; to take responsibility and to create our own wondrous, amazing and magnificent reality…