The Journey to Self (Neptune into Pisces)

February looks set to see a major shift both within and without as a sea of compassion, emotion and empathy stirs and begins to rise. There is a sense of a re-awakening occurring on an intensely personal, as well as a global, level as we become more aware and conscious. This awakening has been a long time coming, but it has also been part of a gradual process of the Journey to Self.

True understanding of our essence as well as having the faith, belief and courage to step fully into the flow of life in order to live the best life possible, seems to be at the root of this journey, for each of us is seeking more meaning, depth, purpose and joy. At the same time, living more simply, more consciously and more mindfully allows us to feel more connected to the Whole and to ourselves; we become one with the Divine essence.

In some ways this Journey to Self is a natural part of our evolution as human beings, but there is also an ‘urgency’ to this quest now as each of us seeks out clarity and purpose. We want to live meaningful and rich lives, and we want to celebrate the true flow of abundance on all levels. There is no ‘right or wrong’ path or flow, for as individuals, we are unique! Even if we do find ourselves going down a dead-end path, very often it is the jewels that we find, quite by chance, that become invaluable and cherished.

As our consciousness continues to rise and many sleepwalkers begin to stir and awaken, it seems that collectively we are stepping towards more conscious and more inspired living. There have already been huge shifts around the globe, and these look set to continue…

On the Journey to Self, is seems that embracing our divinity is perhaps the most significant job on our ‘to-do’ list at the current time. Yet, what does it mean? Is this something to seek out, to be? Do we need to find a teacher or guru to show us the way? Can we buy this or download it? Where is the instruction book?!

Of course the reality of embracing our divinity goes way beyond all of the above questions. It is a state of being; a realisation that is everything and nothing at the same time. When we step beyond linear thought (questions, questions!), we realise that seeking this state of being externally from one source or another kind of misses the point. We are already divine, we just need to wake up to this and surrender to it. This is a feeling, a sense that we are no longer isolated and cut off from the world, the universe etc, but we are a part of it; an integral part. This is not about ego, it is the complete opposite. This is about becoming a drop in the ocean of consciousness and knowing that the ocean is complete with you, and incomplete without you. It is also about accepting that you are not ‘better’ than other drops either…

Moving beyond ego is hard! We want to believe that we have a special purpose; that we are ‘different’, and of course we are. Every drop in the ocean has its place, its role.  When we surrender to the ocean and become totally at one with it and ourselves, we do not lose ourselves in the process, we find ourselves! Having a special purpose does not have to be ego-based, for when we live our purpose simply because it is our calling, the energy shifts from one of ego to something completely different.

Yet, surrendering and leaping into the ocean is fearful; it is unknown and it means that we may lose everything that currently defines and separates us from everyone else. Yet, if we lose these, perhaps they are not so great to begin with? Perhaps we have clung to external fixes in order to find a way to soothe the pain of being separated from the ocean? Perhaps we have been looking in the wrong place?

So it seems on the Journey to Self, we have a choice. We can continue to cling to the external in the hope that we do find what we are searching for, or we can take a deep breath, step willingly into the ocean and become completely at One.

Embracing our divinity does mean letting go of ego, and letting go of external sources for ‘completion’, but it also means living consciously, being awake and being divine…