Sunshine on a Rainy Day

As the sacred dance of the Cosmos continues to intensify, we are now entering a propitious and auspicious time; a time of great shift both within and without, and each of us can feel the intensity of the changing tides and the shifting currents. Whilst we may feel a little tossed around by the seas of life, at the same time we are finding an anchor within and this anchor is a stronger sense of Self and an emerging Spirit filled with passion, bliss and love.

The journey within and the journey without are part of the same Whole, but they are often seen as two separate pieces of the same puzzle of life. As a result, we can so often get lost in the maze of things ‘to do’ and focus so hard on trying to get something, be something or do something, that we forget to live in the moment and embrace the true magnificence of our essence. In short, we get so wrapped up on doing and getting, that we forget to be and to live…

At the same time, how we tend and nurture our inner world plays a key role in the reality that we create, for it is so easy to be self-critical and self-judgemental when in a space of ‘getting and wanting’ rather than ‘being’. Negative and restrictive thoughts can consume and run rampant, and like ivy growing over an old building, they can slowly and insidiously choke the life-force away. In time, they take over and overwhelm as reality becomes shaped by them and our lives become twisted and squeezed by them. At this stage, the skies become grey and it can be hard to see even a glimpse of the sun shining beyond.

Yet, all is not lost. Simply because we  have taken a ‘wrong’ turning (if there is such a thing), it is not too late to create change and to shift from the space of ‘getting’ to a place of being and creating; this shift is important for, by definition, ‘getting’ creates lack, for one is always ‘getting’, but by being and creating, there is nothing to go ‘get’ as it already ‘is’. At the same time, by lovingly tending the garden within and planting some seeds of nourishment, love and life-affirming positivity, then we can reclaim the full potency of our life-force and re-connect to the joy that life can offer.

Of course, when life is tough it is hard to find joy, for the thoughts, live ivy, squeezes and restrict, but joy is there, and, like the sun that always shines, when we look a little closer, we realise that the clouds of life are simply obscuring the view. So, when we feel weighed down by seeking out external fixes to create happiness or when we feel overwhelmed by the mountain of life still to climb, if we open up our hearts and reclaim the joy that always shines, we realise that we are our own Creators.