Union of the Soul

As the structure of ‘all that we are’ is changing, it seems that a new wave of knowing is filtering into consciousness. This wave feels empowering and inspirational, but indescribable and hard to grasp at the same time. Whilst we can feel this shift, our natural tendency is to want to understand it (indescribable) rather than to simply feel it (inspirational). In other words, by switching into ‘mind mode’ we step beyond how it feels to seek out meaning, but as there is no clear meaning, we get lost in feelings of confusion, for we struggle with the notion that something could ever be ‘indescribable’ or ‘unknowable’, after all, we are human beings and we can always find a label for things; we need to!

Yet, many of us have reached a stage where the need to question has changed, whilst we will always remain inquisitive (for that is how we evolve), we are moving into a clearer and brighter space of living. It seems that this new wave of knowing is bringing us to a new state of being; one where we can ‘be’, rather than one where we constantly need to ‘get’. Such a shift is revolutionary, for to step fully into the ‘being state’ means a readiness to open up to our true spiritual essence and universal vibration. Whilst we have been walking this path for some time, it seems that we have now turned a corner and what we meet feels amazing, life enhancing and wonderful; it feels so positive because we have stepped beyond doubt and fear, and opened up our hearts, minds and souls to Truth, to love and to bliss.

Deep within each of us are feelings that we have always carried, and these feelings are a sense of a ‘bigger role’ or part to play in the orchestra of life. Energetically and spiritually we know that we have work to do, and as we begin to step away from the flock, we realise that it is only by having the courage to touch our bliss (to embrace our divinity) that we begin to gain a clearer sense of what’s next. This takes courage, for it means letting go of a great deal of what we hold dear; it means accepting that everything changes and acknowledging that we are ready to let go of so much in order to embrace so much more.

Whilst so many continue to seek value and meaning outside of themselves, there is a growing realisation that this will make for a long search, for the true riches and treasures are within. Heaven on Earth is within each and every one of us; it always has been and always will be. Of course, having a car, a house, money in the bank etc. can make life more enjoyable, but unless we can revel in the joy of spiritual abundance, then none of it matters, as life feels empty and shallow.

Yet, how do we balance our daily needs with such a lofty and profound spiritual purpose? Well, it seems that we need to acknowledge that we are spiritual beings in human form, and once we do this, we can truly rest in the state of ‘being’ and from here everything changes. Once we let go of chasing external fixes and once we stop trying to ‘get’ all that we need, it just happens and we become whole. This takes unbending faith, trust and belief, but we are ready now.

‘All that we know’ has changed and will keep on changing, for that is the inevitably of being part of the Universal flow. The challenge we have, is in stepping into the flow with an open heart and becoming One with it…