Surrendering To The Flow Of Life

A strong theme emerged after an inspirational and enlightening session with a dear friend and client on Christmas Eve. The theme was surrender, and it seemed clear that there is a need for all of us to surrender to the flow of life much more.

This is not about giving up or feeling like a victim, but it is more about swimming with the current rather than against it. Often our minds and our hearts are in conflict about the decisions, choices and options available to us. We can become paralysed in indecision and fear if we do not step back (surrender) to regain our perspectives.

It seems that part of the condition of being human is an innate need to understand and to search for answers, patterns and solutions. Perhaps we are scared of the unknown, of the chaos that surrounds us? Perhaps we just need and want everything to make perfect sense.

Yet, we know that we cannot possibly make sense of everything, we cannot understand the true depth and power of the Universe. Whilst each of us contain the Universe within; at the same time, we are just a tiny cluster of atoms amongst infinity.

Our struggle to understand, to know, to control can leave us fighting upstream, battling the current. If we can surrender more to the process, we will begin to realise that the key to inner knowing is in going with the flow. Of course, we will always have moments of battling upstream and we will always have times of self-doubt, but if we can trust the process of life more, we will see that, on the whole, we can travel with the current and the current will take us to where we need to go.

This is, in many ways, about having faith and trust. It is about bypassing our inner critics and allowing ourselves to live up to our full potential. It is also about, not becoming paralysed in indecision, and allowing stagnancy and decay to develop on all levels of our Being through inaction or avoidance.

Surrendering to the flow is about life enrichment, personal empowerment, inspiration and joy. It is about taking the knocks with the smooth. Surrendering is about overcoming challenges and maintaining balance with a need to stop doubting and undermining ourselves.

As we step into 2011, there is a need now to ‘go with the flow’, to re-connect to the core of our Beings and to ‘touch’ the rainbow within. The coming year is a time for joy, abundance, manifestation and freedom. All of these are within our reach now, it is all a matter of perspective and belief…