The Brinkmanship Continues

Pallas Athene enters Aquarius today, the 10th March. Pallas Athene is the warrior Goddess, standing up for justice, defending the weak and using her intelligence creatively. She also represents the power of words. Aquarius is the rebel, the bohemian and the revolutionary, and together these cosmic forces suggest a time for radical new thinking, both individually and collectively.

As our transformation continues, it seems clear that we have a great deal of inner work yet to do. Things that we hold dear or take for granted are shifting now as we each begin to realise the transience of our existence. Things are never cast in stone, and even when we think they are, the winds of time can erode or re-shape them into something completely different. At the same time though, to be cast in stone is to be stuck rigid in one place, and this is surely not the path to personal and spiritual evolution?

That proverbial rug beneath our feet, has not only been ripped out from beneath us, but torn into tiny little shreds, leaving us little to cling on to. However, it is only when we truly let go and stop clinging, that we can be set free. Something of a game of brinkmanship agreed, but neither Pallas Athene or Aquarius are feint hearted and they inspire us to step into the unknown. These are both bright, intelligent energies, and together they can help us to understand the true nature and meaning of the phrase ‘setting ourselves free’.

It seems that it is time to allow ourselves and our thoughts to flow freely, and in the process to honour ourselves and our paths far more. Using the wisdom of these powerful celestial forces, we can begin to re-shape our thoughts. This is turn, can help us to re-shape our lives and to live in joy, bliss and love.

These are challenging times in so many ways, but as each of us slowly sorts the wheat from the chaff in our lives, we can begin to finally see what truly makes our hearts sing…