The Cosmic Mixing Bowl

Mars moves into Aries and Vesta moves into Aquarius today. Both are little powerhouses, and continue the hugely powerful and quite profound roller coaster ride that 2011 has become.

Fiery Mars moves into fiery Aries, a sign it rules to muster up even more fire, energy and passion. There is a need to stoke up the fires within to re-connect to our drive and zest for life. We all have plans and goals, and the time has come to explore these once again. Mars doesn’t do procrastination, nor does he do indecision, so it is time to have the courage of our convictions and get on with life!

Vesta in Aquarius has a strong connection with free-thinking and honouring ourselves and our paths more. Vesta is whole and complete in herself, and Aquarius is the new-age hippy bohemian. Together, they look set to inspire us to express ourselves freely and creatively; and to be proud of who we are (warts and all!).

So, passion, free expression, energy and creatively – quite a mix in the cosmic mixing bowl!