The Courage Of Our Convictions

On the 8th February, Chiron enters Pisces; the wounded healer enters the sign of healing, compassion and intuition. This marks a time of multi-levelled healing and release, both personally and collectively. Of course, the reality of healing is that to be truly cathartic, things can often become more painful or marked before they get better, and it seems that this is the reality over the coming months. Yet, this is not a time to fear, but a time to embrace. It is only by facing our fears and our inner demons that we can truly set ourselves free to live the life we dream of.

Some of the struggles and challenges we face in life can leave us wondering whether or not to continue to follow our dreams or to take a more comfortable and ‘safe’ path instead. It is hard when there are bills to pay or mouths to feed, and we can feel a little self-indulgent exploring our uniqueness, creativity and spirituality when there are more pressing matters to deal with. Yet, when it is our uniqueness, creativity and spirituality that makes our hearts sing, is it truly right to walk away? Of course, that is a question we can only answer individually, but if deep within we know that our calling is too great to ignore, we have to try to trust that we can overcome adversity and struggle in order to achieve success.

If we are full of doubt and disbelief, then we can erode our trust and it can seem easier to turn our backs and look towards something new. However, we will always wonder ‘what if?’ and will we always feel like a little part of ourselves is missing because we chose a ‘safer’ more reliable pathway through life? That’s the conundrum.

The reality is that a path of creativity, uniqueness and spirituality can be hugely rewarding, but it is a path filled with potential pot holes and challenges. We need to decide to accept the rough with the smooth on such a path, and realise that we can be left alone without a map, torch or compass to forge ahead through the apparent darkness. Therefore, this is not a path for everyone, and it is not to be taken lightly.

Chiron wants us to face our fears and to see that the ultimate cathartic action is to charge ahead with self-belief and trust that we can use our gifts, our pain and our trauma to make a difference in life. We need to ride the stormy seas of uncertainty and anxiety until we reach our own little Nirvana. We also need to realise that we are the key to achieving Nirvana, we have to want it to happen, and we need to make it happen.

It is never easy to focus in the watery depths of Pisces, but Pisces gives us a special opportunity now to connect to our paths and to make an informed decision as to how we want to move ahead. Do we choose to trust our instincts and continue on our paths, or do we choose to step back and move in another direction? That is an individual decision, and neither choice is ‘right or wrong’, but the coming weeks and months are a time of reflection, re-focus and reconsideration of what we consider to be truly important in our lives.

It is time to sort the wheat from the chaff and to have the courage to walk the path ahead with our heads held high, believing, trusting and having faith that we are not only heading in the right direction, but that our needs will be taken care of in the process. At the same time, we need to have the courage to let go of all of those aspects in our lives which drain or deplete us, for this is a time of deep healing and regeneration now.

Letting go is never easy, but we need to honour ourselves more now and realise that we cannot spend our lives juggling, we need to focus and hone our goals, so that we have a clearly defined route forwards. Too much can be overwhelming and disorientating…

Once we step through that doorway of increased awareness in life, it is hard, if not impossible, to step back through and switch off all that we have learned. Yet, for some, the challenge of ‘living the dream’ is so, so hard. Some of us can be forgiven for wondering why it has to be so hard if all we want to do is help, heal and inspire others…if our paths were ‘meant to be’ then surely it would be easier?!

Well, I guess that is one of life’s unanswered questions. Why do some struggle where others do not? Perhaps it is connected to belief or positive thought, perhaps it is fate that decides, perhaps some people are just ‘lucky’ or perhaps it is Chiron forcing us to challenge ourselves repeatedly so that we grow strong and more self-aware so that we can face the future with clarity, strength, determination and vision?

I digress. Chiron in Pisces is asking each of us now to face our fears, to overcome our pain and to embrace our full potential. This is a time of healing and release, of ups and downs within, but it is also a time of great opportunity and a chance to step from the shadows to truly shine…