The Dragon Stirs

Today, the 23rd April is St George’s Day. St George was best known as the slayer of the dragon. It seems fitting that the dragon energy is now resurfacing all over the world through energy (ley) line work, personal empowerment and a collective raising of the spiritual consciousness.

In the Far East Dragon’s were carriers of wisdom, strength and knowledge. Yet in Europe, they became linked to evil. Perhaps the evil was free thought, strength, wisdom and knowledge?

Elementally, Dragon’s unite earth, air, fire and water, they are powerful, spiritual beings bringing us the ability to follow our own beliefs and spirituality. Yet, the dragon was quashed by St George, representing our slow descent into a world away from personal power, personal wisdom and spiritual strength. However, the dragon has not become lost in the mists of times, for we have been on a course of re-awakening for some time now. As we become more and more awake, we can begin to reclaim the dragon in our lives.

It can be easy here to see St George as the ‘bad guy’ in all of this, but I suspect he was simply following orders at one level or another. There seems no point in blame though, for his actions have been a blessing in so many ways though for he has made each of us stop and think about our Selves on every level. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, perhaps we needed to be subdued in order to fully awaken again, refreshed, refocused and fully empowered? Perhaps the world was just not ready before now…

Interestingly, Mercury moves direct today in Aries, marking a time for some fiery straight talking, clear thinking and positive action! Sounds like it is time for the dragon to breathe some fire!

There is a strong sense of renewal now as we each begin to truly awaken, to live more consciously and more mindfully. As we begin to see the world with fresh eyes and a changed perspective, we can enjoy this life affirming experience as the beginning of a brand new chapter of our lives.

So, be prepared to embrace the dragon, to re-connect to ourselves, each other, the Earth and just about everything else in between. It is time now to awaken from our deep slumber and to take our first breaths of air as more enlightened and more empowered souls…